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Tripolymer Offers Three Dealership Package Options
Injection foam packages allow contractors to expand service offerings

NORTH FORT MYERS, FL (July 16, 2010) – While traditional spray foam provides the ideal solution for many insulation applications, there are certain instances where its application may be difficult or impractical, particularly in the case of existing homes. However, contractors don’t necessarily have to surrender these jobs; many can still be serviced using Tripolymer injection foam, a unique insulation product that allows contractors to easily retrofit existing homes.

For the contractor looking to expand their service offerings, Tripolymer, Inc. offers various dealership package options to suit every contractor’s needs. They offer a Standard Package, Full Dealership Package and Switch-Over Package.

The Standard Package provides everything a contractor needs to get started except for the rig itself. It includes Tripolymer’s patented foaming system along with 200’ of insulated hose, 265 gallon Poly Tank with water meter and hose, 1 drum heater, 1 submersible heater, 1 extra pump, hotbox display, trailer wrap, 1 digital scale, toolbox with necessary tools, 100 marketing brochures, marketing material DVD, 2 days of classroom and hands-on training, and ongoing marketing, sales and technical support. The package also includes an exclusive, protected territory to market and sell Tripolymer products.

The Full Dealership Package adds to the Standard Package by supplying a custom built rig to house all of the Tripolymer equipment included in the package. In addition to the 16’ enclosed trailer, complete with air conditioning/heat and side door access, the Full Dealership Package also includes a 3500 watt generator, 10 CFM gas compressor, work bench, 100’ and 50’ extension cords, an 8’ step ladder and 20’ extension ladder, 2 gas cans, 3 five gallon buckets, broom, shovel, rake, trash can, garbage bags and gloves. This package also includes the first set of material.

The Switch-Over Package is geared towards contractors who are currently using another injection foam product but are unhappy with their current supplier. The contractor would continue to use their existing equipment but would now be able to utilize Tripolymer foam. Similar to the other packages, this package provides an exclusive, protected territory to market and sell Tripolymer products, 2 days of classroom and hands-on training, marketing and sales support, ongoing technical support, 100 marketing brochures and a marketing material DVD. All packages also include access to the dealer's area of Tripolymer’s website for up-to-date pricing and ordering information.

About Tripolymer, Inc.

Tripolymer, Inc. is based in North Fort Myers, FL with an operations center in Connecticut as well as a training/support facility in Michigan and manufacturing/distribution facility in New York. Tripolymer foam insulation is a hybrid, belonging to one of the oldest groups of synthetically produced thermosetting compounds, Phenolics. When made into foam insulation, Phenolics are one of the safest and most efficient thermal and acoustical insulation products available. Tripolymer is not a Polyurethane or Urea Formaldehyde Insulation. It is environmentally safe, non-toxic, water repellent, highly fire-resistant, non-corrosive and also, naturally insect and rodent resistant. For more information about Tripolymer, visit or call 866-977-3626.

Tripolymer® Foam Insulation Directory Page

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