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GAMA North America Offers New Distributor Program for Spray Foam Equipment
Program Includes Two Levels of Distributorship: Gold and Platinum

As the Master Distributor of Original Gama/Gampur proportioning equipment, Gama North America (NA) maintains a strong focus on customer support and the quality of their equipment. “As prior distributors ourselves, Gama NA originated out of the frustration we experienced with the other major players in the industry. We do not wear suits and penny loafers; we really don’t care about the name or the logo. We are retired contractors, ex-spray guys, insulation and roofing pros. We can talk the talk and walk the walk.”

With that in mind, the company has developed a distributor program with the goal of helping their distributors maintain strong relationships with their customers by passing on valuable incentives. “We are proud to say that we are the first in the industry to deliver a program such as this to our distributors.”

The new program offers two levels of distributorship: Gold Distributors and Platinum Distributors. Each level will allow the distributor to offer their customers various warranties and incentives passed on from Gama NA. Both levels will allow the distributor to promote and support Gama NA product lines, including pneumatic and hydraulic operated proportioners, spray guns, hoses, parts, complete trailer packages as well as spray foam materials and coatings. The company’s Gold and Platinum Distributors will also be listed on the Gama NA website.

Gold Distributors will offer their own spray foam and coating materials as well as technical support and training but will distribute Gama equipment. Pricing for Gold Distributors will be very competitive, allowing these distributors to profitably sell Gama equipment. Determined purchase levels will allow Gold Distributors to provide their customers:

  • 1 year “Out of the Box” warranty on parts and labor
  • 2 year “Hard Parts Only” warranty if distributor does setup and training

Platinum Distributors support the full line of Gama North America products, from machinery to polyurethane products. Determined purchase levels will allow Platinum Distributors to provide their customers:

  • Gama North America factory in-field and classroom training
  • Preferred pricing on equipment and materials
  • Unlimited/lifetime Gama North America equipment warranties
  • 36 month equipment replacement programs
  • End-of-year free products and prizes with 36-month terms

The following purchase levels will entitle the distributor the additional incentives listed below:

  • 25 sets of foam per year: 1 year additional warranty on hard parts
  • 50 sets of foam per year x 36 months: Lifetime hard parts warranty - Refurbished machine replacement with core
  • 100 sets of foam per year x 36 months: Lifetime hard parts warranty - Refurbished machine, new hose and gun replacement with core
  • 150 sets of foam per year x 36 months: Lifetime hard parts warranty - Complete refurbished trailer package with core
  • 200 sets per year x 36 months: Lifetime hard parts warranty - New G-30 unit, hose and gun with core

“The intention of this program is to keep your customers tied into your supply and deter them from moving from one distributor to the next in order to save a few pennies. We will accomplish this by allowing our distributors to offer valuable incentives in order to keep these customers. Gone is the old way of conducting business and we hope you will find our approach fresh and exciting. This new program will focus on long term customer relationships and support. It will be a work in progress that will evolve as we receive input from our distributors. Our open door policy will help us continue to improve the program in order to best help you build your business and reputation.”

About GAMA North America
GAMA North America (NA) is the authorized North American sales center for GAMA Garraf Maquinaria S.A., which is located just outside Barcelona, Spain. GAMA NA manufactures a full line of products that are unique in the market, specifically designed to help the professional insulation specialist. GAMA NA provides high quality spray guns, machines, hoses, transfer pumps, proportioners and more to help customers get the job done the right way. For more information, contact 888-RUN-GAMA or visit

Gama North America Directory Page

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