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Getting Started with Injection Foam Insulation
Tripolymer offers various considerations when deciding to offer injection foam

Why Become an Injection Foam Dealer?
One of the reasons that becoming an injection foam dealer is so attractive is the quick return on investment – typically 15 to 20 jobs. Injection foam also offers existing spray foam contractors a way to insulate closed cavities even if they already contain fiberglass or cellulose insulation. This is perfect for retrofit wall insulation projects that can be extremely difficult or impractical with other insulation materials.

Step #1 - Making the Investment
The first thing to consider when becoming an injection foam insulation contractor is the cost required to get started. This includes the expense of the equipment, materials, training and marketing. The initial investment should also include hands-on training in equipment operation, installation and maintenance.

Step #2 - Choosing a Supplier
After the business planning and equipment budgeting processes are complete, the next step is choosing your supplier(s). As part of a dealership package, a reputable injection foam company should provide equipment, insulation material, training and marketing kits. Some resellers also offer exclusivity in a geographical area, homeowner leads, and/or co-marketing dollars.

When choosing an injection foam supplier, there are various elements to take into consideration:

  1. Does the potential supplier have specific materials that are suited for your application with the necessary approvals?
  2. Do they have experience in the applications you want to pursue?
  3. Do they offer hands-on training and a customer support hotline?
  4. Do they offer regional exclusivity to their dealers?
  5. Can they provide you with references from their other dealers including contact information? Make sure to do your due diligence and contact these references. You can also check the forums on for feedback from other dealers.

Step #3 - Training
Your supplier should offer training on the equipment that they sell as well as safety training. Also check to see if they provide building code resources, marketing training and other support services. The major trade associations for the insulation industry are also good resources for training, networking and marketing support. As part of training, you may also want to consider industry certifications such as a Building Performance Institute certification.

Step #4 - Marketing
The key to a truly successful injection foam business is effective marketing to homeowners in your local area. Check with your supplier’s customer support department about the availability of predesigned marketing templates, graphics and tradeshow banners to help accomplish this.

An attractive and well written website will also go a long way towards projecting your desired company image. You can also submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing local business directories for increased exposure. Other ways to market your services include newspaper ads, banner ads on local websites, door hangers, flyers and postcards. Of course, referrals and positive word-of-mouth are excellent sources of free advertising.

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