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Internet Marketing Offers New Channel / Category Sponsor Programs
Channel Sponsor Program Adds to Already Robust Advertising Options on the Site

With between forty and fifty thousand visitors to the site each month, is no doubt the preeminent spray foam resource on the internet. Because of this, the site provides an invaluable marketing resource for contractors and suppliers looking to gain exposure and increase leads. has embraced this opportunity to help contractors and suppliers market themselves by offering a wide range of advertising options on the site.

Adding to its already robust advertising options, recently added a “Category / Channel Sponsorship” program. This choice allows contractors and suppliers to put their company’s banner ads in the “LeaderBoard Ad Slot” for every page in a specific area, or channel, of the site. This allows a company to display their brand predominately in a specific, highly-targeted section of the site and therefore target a particular audience. For example, the Homeowners Guide to Spray Foam insulation is a channel that primarily targets home and building owners. This specific channel receives over 10,000 pageviews each month, representing an unparalleled opportunity to reach home and building owners who are researching spray foam.

There are four types of channels:

  1. Supplier Directory Channels
  2. Visitor Based Channels
  3. Market Based Channels
  4. and Website Area Based Channels

Some examples of Supplier Directory Channels are Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation, Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation, Soy Based Spray Foam and Mobile Spray Rigs to name a few. Visitor Based Channels include the Homeowners Guide, Architects Guide, Getting Started Guide and Equipment Guide. Market Based Channels include Spray Foam Roofing Guide, Polyurea Coatings Guide and Commercial Insulation and Air Barriers Guide. Website Area Based Channels include the site’s Q&A Forums, Classified Categories, News Categories and FAQ. For a complete listing of available channels, visit's Media Kit.

Gold, Silver and Bronze level channel sponsor packages offer three options to advertise in each category. However, the program is on a first come, first serve basis and there is only one Gold and Silver level sponsor allowed per channel. A Gold level channel sponsorship includes the following:

  • LeaderBoard 728 x 90 Banner Ad at the Top of EVERY Page, ALL Sub Categories - Run of Channel
  • Top Left Page Info Box with Brief Description and Link to Listing
  • Page Bottom Center 400 x 80 Banner Ad or 300 x 100 on EVERY Page, ALL Directory Categories for your Channel
  • Featured Buyer's Guide Listing with Full Business PR Web Publishing
  • Run of Site 120 x 60 Banner Ad - Page Footer Pool
  • Supplier Directory Home Page Banner Ad - Random Left and Right Bar - 120 x 60
  • Advertiser Showcase - Link to Directory Listing

Other sponsorship options include Global Site Sponsor, Elite Sponsor and Site Sponsor packages. A Global Site Sponsorship is the site’s most powerful and comprehensive advertising and communication program available, available to just one supplier on an exclusive basis. An Elite Site Sponsorship offers many of the same benefits of a Global Sponsorship and is available to two suppliers on a limited exclusive basis. The standard Site Sponsorship is another excellent advertising and communications tool that offers site-wide brand and PR exposure.

If you’re not ready for a sponsorship level commitment, also offers Contractor Finder and Supplier Directory listings as well as banner ad programs and supplier/contractor co-op marketing. Further information can be found in the Media Kit.

In addition to impressive site traffic, also dominates virtually every spray foam related keyword in search engine results as well as YouTube video search results and daily Google News exposure. This has created an unmatched opportunity to reach potential customers. Whether you are a contractor looking for building owners or a supplier looking for contractors, advertising with is a priceless resource., Inc. Directory Page

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