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DiiMON Spray Innovations Offers New Expanding Blade Agitator & New Power Unit
DiiMON is a 'one stop shop for spray foam equipment'

PELLA, IA (June 18, 2010) - DiiMON Spray Innovations, based in Pella, Iowa, is a “one stop shop for spray foam equipment.” Don Tiskevics of DiiMON SI explains that their primary focus is “building SPF rigs for every type of spray foam contractor and providing all of the support they need to be successful.” To meet this goal, DiiMON has developed three primary lines of spray rigs:

  1. DiiMON’s line of commercial grade spray rigs is ideal for those just getting started and on a limited budget. “These rigs utilize high quality components and craftsmanship but are designed with value in mind for the SPF contractor who is not yet a high volume sprayer. The commercial line of spray rigs comes with a long list of options to meet each customer’s unique needs.”
  2. Industrial grade plural component spray equipment is designed for SPF contractors looking to upgrade or to increase their fleet size. “Built with top-of-the-line Graco Reactor components, this rig provides power, speed and durability with higher outputs than the commercial grade system.”
  3. DiiMON’s Evolve series spray rigs are for SPF businesses seeking a more advanced system. According to the company, “The Evolve series is the highest quality and output plural component spray rig on the market. There is literally no other spray rig on the market like it. It comes ready to spray and its high volume spraying provides an ROI on steroids.”

Don continues, “At DiiMON Spray Innovations we are passionate about delivering best-in-class quality and value to our customers with every SPF rig we build. Attention to detail coupled with game changing innovation is how we compete. We believe in putting the customer first every time and delivering real solutions to the challenges they face, solutions that positively impact their return on investment.”

“We care about every customer we have and find tangible solutions to turn their market opportunities into ROI. Serving small and large companies often requires a different skill set and, as such, we take the time to listen and then pull on every resource we have to find the right solution for the customer. We are responsive and believe that through innovation we can deliver an exceptional SPF solution.”

In addition to offering mobile spray foam rigs, DiiMON SI also supplies power units, safety equipment and various other accessories. They are also the Midwest distributor for Graco equipment.

As a Graco distributor, DiiMON SI recently introduced a new product to their offerings: a Graco air driven expanding blade bung-mounted agitator. This new SST agitator utilizes collapsible blades to allow insertion into a standard 1.5” and 2” bung adapter. It is designed for quick install and its features include an expanding blade mixer for sealed drums or tanks, SST construction and adjustable blade design for positioning within the tank. The agitator is ideal for foam, polyurea and general finishing and can be used for any sealed container with 1.5” and 2” bung access.

DiiMON also recently announced a new 30 kW-30 cfm combination power unit. The GCE 30-30 unit is part of DiiMON’s line of GCE power units which are “designed to meet the electrical and pneumatic requirements of the SPF industry in the most efficient way possible.” DiiMON SI’s GCE units run the generator as well as a rotary screw compressor directly off of a diesel engine. This efficient design results in a reduced size/footprint and weight for the unit. Additionally, the rotary screw compressor is designed to run at high volumes and pressures so that a receiver tank is not required. This further reduces the size and weight of the generator as well as eliminates the problems associated with water buildup in the receiver tank. The company also points out that because the engine is sized specifically for the generator and compressor, it is able to run at the most economical speed for torque and horsepower, resulting in improved fuel economy. In addition to the 30 kW-30 cfm model, DiiMON also offers 15 kW-30 cfm, 30 kW-60 cfm, 40 kW-30 cfm, 40 kW-60 cfm, 50 kW-30 cfm and 50 kW-60 cfm models, all of which run at 125 psi.
Another program that the company recently implemented is the “Try Before You Buy” promotion, featuring the Graco Fusion ClearShot (CS) spray gun. Continuing through July 15th, 2010, contractors are able to take advantage of a 60-day trial on the Fusion CS gun. Some restrictions apply.

About DiiMON
DiiMON Spray Innovations, established in 2009, is a wholly owned subsidiary of LDJ Manufacturing, a privately owned company deeply rooted in Midwest values with proven experience in design-build manufacturing since 1995. Integrating the latest technology and process improvements, DiiMON takes pride in maintaining the highest standards of quality while providing unmatched customer satisfaction. The company strives to bring new and innovative technologies and processes obtained from other industries to the SPF market. For more information, call (641) 628-2428, email or visit

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