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Injection Foam - Grow Your Business with Tripolymer
Tripolymer Injection Foam offers perfect solution for retrofit wall insulation

NORTH FORT MYERS, FL (June 16, 2010) - Whether you are an insulation, spray foam or general contractor, Tripolymer phenolic-based injection foam offers an excellent growth opportunity into a new market. Injection foam complements other contractor services and insulation materials, providing an ideal solution for retrofit wall insulation projects that can be extremely difficult or impractical with other insulation materials.

Additionally, with the movement towards “green” products and energy efficiency becoming more prominent every day, along with government programs and state rebates supporting these trends, the environmentally friendly properties of Tripolymer make it all the more appealing.

Mike Green of Tripolymer lists the following benefits for building professionals:

  • Installation over fiberglass - Phenolic-based injection foam can be installed over existing fiberglass or cellulose in walls.
  • Quicker & cleaner installs - Phenolic-based foam is easy for your crews to install because it comes pre-mixed in a drum – there is no messy mixing onsite. It’s mixed automatically by the foaming system.
  • Impressive R-value – Phenolic-based foam insulation has an R-value of 5.1 per inch and becomes more efficient at cooler temperatures.
  • Environmentally-friendly - Phenolic-based foam insulation does not contain ozone-depleting CFCs or VOCs and is not a urea-formaldehyde-based foam. Its superior R-value along with the fact that Tripolymer injection foam is manufactured onsite and contains 50% locally-extracted materials can help you achieve LEED credits on projects.
  • Creates an effective air infiltration barrier - When injected, the insulation conforms to surfaces and fills all cavities, crevices and voids.
  • Does not support mold growth - Because it’s made of inert materials, phenolic-based foam does not support bacteria or fungal growth. It is not susceptible to bacterial decomposition or powdering over time. In contrast, urea-formaldehyde and other insulations with little structural strength and molecular bonding are susceptible to breakdown and decomposition.
  • Increases fire rating - Phenolic-based foam insulation is a Class 1 rated material against fires and does not release hazardous gasses when exposed to the heat of fire. This is the highest rating an insulation product can receive and the fire rating does not deteriorate with age. The installation of phenolic-based injection foam actually increases the fire rating of a wall assembly.
  • Soundproofing - With an impressive Sound Transmission Class rating of 53, it is one of the best sound insulators in its class.
  • Keeps pests out - It deters bugs and rodents from living in walls.
  • Made in the USA - Tripolymer injection foam is manufactured solely in the United States.
  • Quickly recoup your investment - Tripolymer dealers typically recoup their initial investment after about 15-20 wall insulation projects.

For more information about becoming a Tripolymer dealer, visit

Tripolymer® Foam Insulation Directory Page

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