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What to Do Before Sending in a Deposit for Your Spray Foam Purchases
A few strategies to protect your money and your investment
By Intech Equipment & Supply

Before sending a deposit to an unfamiliar business, there are a few strategies to keep in mind in order to protect your money and your investment.

Check with the various manufacturers to validate that the foam/coating/equipment business you intent to work with is indeed a qualified distributor for their particular products. For example, you can visit most spray equipment manufacturers’ websites and click on the link similar to “Where to Buy” to find an authorized distributor. They are often listed by location, and other divisions. Or you can simply call their corporate number and ask a Customer Service representative if the business is an authorized distributor. You do not want to purchase from a business that cannot support warranties and service.

Ask for credit references from other customers or check with organizations such as Dun & Bradstreet (link below) or Cortera (link below) that offer references for financial stability. Businesses should be ready and willing to send prospective customers their credit references and proof of financial stability. If you have trouble getting information on a business’ credit references, take caution.

Contact the Better Business Bureau (link below). The Better Business Bureau (BBB) maintains reports on nearly 4 million businesses across North America. This site offers a valuable resource for consumers to research a business before they make any purchasing decisions. BBB offers tools like “Reliability Reports,” which will tell you how many complaints the business has received and how they responded to these complaints. BBB also assesses each business with a letter grade rating reflecting other customers’ experiences with the business. Additionally, BBB offers an Accredited Business Locator, which can help you find businesses in your area that uphold BBB’s rigorous standards. If you have a dispute or have been scammed by a business, you can file a complaint with BBB so that other consumers do not fall prey to the same scam.

Other websites such as Consumer Affairs (link below) and the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection (link below) offer similar resources for consumers to protect their investments.

Here is a list of tips for consumers:

  1. Engage only licensed businesses.
  2. When purchasing a truck or trailer, only purchase from a supplier who is a licensed/bonded authorized dealer for vehicles. Obtain a copy of the MSO/Title to confirm the dealer has ownership or rights to sell the vehicle. This way you can be assured that they can support warranties and service.
  3. Get your quotes in writing.
  4. Make sure that the distributor has general liability insurance and product liability insurance.
  5. Verify that the distributor has garage keepers insurance in order to safeguard your equipment in case of theft or fire.
  6. Do not pay more than 20% down.
  7. Do not pay in cash. Pay with credit card to protect your money. Always get a receipt!
  8. Don’t let your payments get ahead of their work.
  9. Don’t make the final payment until you are satisfied with the job or product.
  10. Have a written clause for completion of work to penalize the business if they do not meet the agreed upon deadline or quality standard.
  11. Get references from past customers. Contact the references before hiring. Don’t be fooled by fake names and addresses.
  12. Check with the business’s trade association or industry organization for information. For example SPFA and

By taking simple precautions and utilizing available resources, you can take control of the marketplace and keep businesses accountable.

About Intech Equipment & Supply
Intech Equipment & Supply provides a wide variety of roofing equipment and roofing supplies as well as a complete selection of spray equipment for spray foam roofing and insulation. With four locations and a large staff of professionals across the country, Intech provides nationwide service. Visit or call 888-920-1313 for more information.

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