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PolyCraft Germany Announces Release of New High Quality Hoses
Continuous Heated Hoses for Spray Foam and Urea Applicators

POLYCRAFT Germany is pleased to announce the release of another new product line of high quality heated hoses for spray foam and polyurea applicators.

In-field applicators spraying PUR and POLYUREA often request heated hoses in lengths of up to 300 feet (90 meters) or more. Typically, most applicators use 50 foot sections and extend them with additional sections of 50 feet until the required length is reached. These connections require fittings every 50 feet for material hoses A+B (4 pieces), air-hose (2 pieces), TC-line (2 pieces) and electric wire (4 pieces). Therefore, more than 60 pieces of adapters/connectors are necessary for every six sections of 50 feet in hoses up to 300 feet in length.

Hard abrasive in-field applications often bear the risk of failure, such as leaking material, air or electric plug damage, thermocouple, etc. In addition to the 50 foot heated hose sections, Polycraft Germany is now also offering continuous sections of heated hoses – ranging from 100 feet up to 300 feet (90 meters). The reduction of adapters and connectors (12 pieces for every 50 feet of hose) will increase the reliability of the hoses and minimize failures, maintenance, and downtime. Flexibility, mobility, and safety during application and transports will also improve.

Given that ISO-material can be strong enough to draw moisture vapour through stainless fittings, abandoning fittings will avoid leakage and result in better quality.

Polycraft’s continuous hoses – OEM - are available in Low Pressure (2000psi) and High Pressure (3500psi) versions.


Polycraft Germany - OEM-Heated Hoses Directory Page

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