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Guardian Building Products Announces GuardFoam 27
GuardFoam 27 is a low-pressure, refillable spray foam system

Guardian Building Products (GBP) has developed an innovative low pressure spray foam system called GuardFoam 27. In addition to its low pressure application of 190 psi (pounds per square inch), the product is unique in that it requires no separate equipment to use. It is an A & B system, contained in a 27 gallon tank (hence the number “27” in the name), with the foam propelled by an integrated nitrogen supply. This self-contained nature makes GuardFoam 27 much less expensive to operate than traditional spray foam equipment. It is also refillable so there is no disposal required; the customer simply sends the tank back to Guardian when they are finished with it.

Guardian offers both open cell and closed cell versions of their GuardFoam 27 product. The open cell version offers an R-value of 3.7 per inch, and Gary Romes, GBP’s VP of Business Development, points out that it is “the only open cell refillable system like this on the market.” It “cures to a semi-rigid, low-density foam.” The closed cell version boasts an R-value of 6 per inch. Both products are “dimensionally stable in all weather conditions and their insulating properties do not significantly diminish over time.”

GBP also produces GuardFoam 55 which is a high pressure foam system housed in a 55 gallon tank and applied at 1,200 psi. In addition to tank size and application pressure, there are various differences between these two products. One is the chemical reaction process that occurs during application. GuardFoam 27’s A & B components react before leaving the tank, resulting in a fully reacted foam leaving the tank. Conversely, GuardFoam 55 comes out as a liquid and reacts on impact. This difference in application allows GuardFoam 27 to be applied with only a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator), while GuardFoam 55 requires the applicator to utilize a supplied air system.

Additionally, Guardian utilizes the closed cell GuardFoam product in their unique AirTite System (ATS). ATS combines the “closed cell polyurethane foam with Guardian fiberglass insulation to create a state-of-the-art insulation system” with an unsurpassed R-value. “The ½ inch layer of spray foam is applied inside the wall cavity prior to the installation of a fiberglass batt. This combination results in an increased level of thermal resistance and virtually eliminates air infiltration. A unique feature of ATS is that the system can be installed in vertical walls, cathedral ceilings, joist ends between floors or any areas that are difficult to insulate.”

With headquarters in Greenville, SC, Guardian Building Products operates over 100 regional offices, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities to service its global market. This comprehensive operational framework enables GBP to provide a vast assortment of products and services to over 30,000 customers in the residential and light commercial construction industries. As their corporate website points out, “Guardian has established a signature brand of quality and customer service in the building materials industry.”

For more information about Guardian Building Products and the GuardFoam product line, visit

Guardian Building Products Directory Page

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