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American WeatherStar's Roof Coating Chosen in OSU Project
Acrylic 211 HT, AWS best coating for color retention against UV degradation on a roof beat out the competition

In 2007, the Oklahoma State University Tulsa campus invited several coatings contractors in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area to submit their chosen coating for a test on OSU’s main campus building to determine what product they would use to restore the roof back to its original new condition. OSU has a beautiful campus and building, but the roof was aging, it had some leaks, and simply wasn’t quite up to OSU standards.

David Paine with Sooner Roof Restoration, Inc. submitted and tested the American WeatherStar Acrylic 211 HT, the company's best coating for color retention against UV degradation on a roof. They were competing with several other products also tested, and all products were reviewed over a period of several months. After approximately six months, OSU chose American WeatherStar's material to restore the main campus building.

The project consisted of power-washing the entire roof with 3,500 psi of pressure, then priming the existing metal with AWS Rust Prime 912 to ensure adhesion and surface rust would not be an issue.

To waterproof the metal roof, all seams, penetrations and transitions were properly treated with AWS waterproofing materials.

The final step was to apply two coats of the AWS Acrylic 211 HT custom tinted to the green color that OSU has always used on their roofs at the Tulsa campus. The final product was an outstanding looking roof that OSU, Sooner Roof, and American WeatherStar are all very proud of today.

For more information, see the application specifications on this system or call American WeatherStar at 800-771-6643.

Contractor – Sooner Roof Restoration, Inc. Pryor OK
Phone - 918-824-1212
Website --
Owner – David Paine

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