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Gaco Western Unveils Rapid Response Emergency Shelter Solution for Any Environment
The new GacoShelter uses spray foam insulation to protect from outside forces

SEATTLE – Gaco Western, manufacturer of the most technologically advanced elastomeric coatings and polyurethane spray foam for the construction and waterproofing industries introduces GacoShelter – a patent-pending, cost-effective structure built for rapid response shelter solutions in any environment.

With a long history of providing revolutionary solutions to the military and NASA, Gaco Western is unveiling its newest innovation, the GacoShelter. The structure is the first of its kind to address emergency shelter needs in places like Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other areas experiencing natural disasters. "We’ve learned from our experience working with the military just how powerful this new structure is – it can literally be set up quickly in any environment – from combat zones to disaster areas – anywhere a pick-up truck can go," stated Peter Davis, president of Gaco Western.

"CMSS, with years of experience in both hostile and austere environments, has seen all types of expedited shelters. To date, we have yet to find a better all encompassing solution to provide a quick, energy-efficient, waterproof and comfortable housing answer as the GacoShelter. It is a much needed solution to help with rapid housing requirements in all countries, be it a war zone across the globe or here in our backyards due to natural disasters," stated Daniel Smith, vice president, operations, Critical Mission Support Services (CMSS).

"Spray polyurethane foam is a remarkable product that is reducing energy requirements in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only is it saving taxpayers billions of dollars in fuel costs, it is – more importantly – getting fuel trucks off the most dangerous roads in the world and saving lives," stated retired US Army Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson, currently COO at Synovision Solutions. Click here to view a recent report from Synovision Solutions surrounding energy inefficiencies in Afghanistan.

Gaco Western was the first polyurethane foam insulation manufacturer to work with the military foaming tents in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to reduce energy use and save soldiers’ lives. In 2009, Gaco developed the GacoSafeTent to replace the military’s general purpose medium size tent which did not offer any insulation (climate control within the tent) or noise reduction properties. Through additional research, testing and technological advances, the GacoSafeTent evolved into the new GacoShelter.

"We’ve been working with the military for the past several years foaming tents in Iraq to reduce energy use, take fuel trucks off the road and ultimately save lives," said Davis. "While the current foam application is working, we’ve developed a more technologically advanced system that is the only one of its kind to meet all domestic codes; it’s a turnkey solution for any emergency shelter situation or disaster area."

Because the new GacoShelter meets all domestic codes, it offers a level of safety not currently available with any other foam system. Electrical systems presently in place in the field can result in electrical fires due to wiring that is not up to code. Limited egress times from existing structures are also an issue; the new GacoShelter has an improved egress time of 15 minutes (domestic standard). Gaco Western’s Polyfoam System 193 has received both safety and toxicity clearance from the Department of the Army.

Meets all domestic codes for:

  • Energy
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical (single 20 AMP connection)
  • Structural
  • Wind load (up to 60 MPH)
  • Snow load (5+ inches)

Turnkey solution; speed to market in emergency situation

  • Structure erects in 90 minutes; unlimited production capabilities
  • Easily assembled; light weight construction materials
  • Electrical is pre-fabricated to US Building Code Standards
  • Can be manufactured in varying sizes offering unlimited shelter capabilities
  • Flexible to the needs of any environment
  • Provides safe structure that can be modified for long-term shelter solution

An economical alternative

  • Current foam applications save an estimated $2 million in energy costs per day
  • 75 days to recoup cost of foaming through fuel savings

Shrinking the carbon footprint

  • Up to 75% more efficient than un-insulated tents
  • Energy-savings is equal to removal of up to 9 tankers per day (an estimated 81,000 gallons of fuel)

Photo/Demonstration Opportunity
Photo/demo opportunities of the GacoShelter can be set up at Gaco’s manufacturing facility in Waukesha, Wisc. upon request.

Millions of square feet of Gaco’s products have been installed worldwide, protecting landmark projects such as: the Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines, the National Company for Cooperative Insurance building in Saudi Arabia, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and the historic Paramount Theater in Seattle. Gaco’s proprietary coating is also used on the booster rockets for NASA’s space shuttle.

About Gaco Western
Family owned and operated for more than 50 years, Gaco Western manufactures the most technologically advanced, proprietary elastomeric coatings and polyurethane spray foam for the construction and waterproofing industries. Dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers, the Gaco family of brands offers best-of-class solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications including: specialty coatings for roof, pedestrian and traffic decking; and spray polyurethane insulation for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Core products include: GacoWallFoam insulation, GacoDeck, GacoShield and GacoRoof coatings for residential applications; Gaco RoofFoam, GacoFlex LM-60, GacoPedestrianDeck and GacoAutoDeck for commercial applications. Products are available nationwide. For more information: or 800.331.0196.

Waterproofing and insulating the world, from NASA to your neighborhood, Gaco Western has you covered with innovative solutions.

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