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Specialty Products, Inc. Announces Synergy Series LPG™ Proportioner
The LPG™ Proportioner is smaller than traditional foam equipment and uses low pressure, heat & power

The spray foam industry has traditionally relied on larger, high pressure, heat and output proportioners. While this type of equipment is critical for larger jobs and will always have a prominent place in the market, Specialty Products Inc. (SPI) has developed the Synergy Series LPG™ (Low Pressure Gear) proportioner to fill a niche part of the market. The LPG™ proportioner is perfect for jobs where it’s not logistically possible to reach a certain area or financially practical to deploy a larger, more expensive equipment package. This smaller machine uses low pressure, low heat and has a smaller output capacity, making it a great solution for hard to reach areas, repair jobs, small to medium projects, etc.

Specialty Product’s president, Dan Helton, explains that the proportioner is the “result of a three year research and development program cosponsored by a US government entity. The model’s predecessor was used to provide portable application equipment for applying blast mitigating and ballistic attenuating polymers in the field. The vision of the LPG™ proportioner started six years ago and several iterations of the machine were prototyped before we finalized the commercially available product. The end result has far exceeded any expectations that were visualized at the conception of this project.”

The LPG™ machine is unlike traditional industry proportioners that use larger, more expensive equipment and require high pressure and heat, as well as substantial power to apply the product. This type of equipment is usually transported in a large rig or semi trailer and has a limited hose length reach (up to 300 feet). SPI’s Synergy Series LPG™ takes advantage of unique technology to provide a lower cost, lightweight (76 lbs.) model that utilizes low pressure & heat. It also requires only a standard wall outlet (110 V) for power; in fact, it uses less power than a hair dryer! The LPG™ is a great solution for hard-to-reach job sites and small to medium sized projects or repair jobs. The highly portable nature of this machine allows the applicator to place the machine at the actual spray site, such as on a high rise roof or other inaccessible area.

The LPG™ proportioner applies Class 1, ICC rated spray polyurethane foam. It is able for the first time to apply SPF directly to a subzero surface without significant loss of yield from reversion or thermal shock. It also dispenses pour polyurethane foam systems for cavity filling, soil stabilization, slab jacking, flotation, pipe/tank decommissioning, molds and tooling. Additionally, the machine is able to apply spray and pour polyurea coating systems. “The innovative Synergy Series LPG™ technology has solved two major industry issues with congenitally applied polyurea. First, it virtually eliminates pin holes and blow holes on porous surfaces, including concrete, wood and EPS. In addition, it effectively resolves shrinkage problems normally associated with hot sprayed polyurea elastomers.”

The LPG proportioner is just one of many innovative new products developed by SPI over the company’s history. Helton states that “SPI’s primary focus for over 35 years has been providing non-commodity, cutting edge products that offer unique solutions to the industries we serve. The Specialty Products company name was created with this vision in mind” The company’s website describes SPI as “a global market leader and innovator in manufacturing polyurea elastomeric coatings, polyurethane foam systems, thermal and ignition barriers and plural-component application equipment.”

Cliff Haskins, the companay’s Vice President of Marketing, goes into greater detail regarding their various markets. He lists their primary polyurea markets as oil and gas, military, mining, waste water & management and water conservation. He explains that SPI offers some specialized polyurea elastomeric coatings that are not offered by any other company. One unique product, PTU™, is a “truly chemical resistant polyurea used for primary and secondary containment in the oil, gas and chemical industries. PTU™ is a spray applied elastomer with chemical resistance comparable with many epoxies. Unlike most epoxies, PTU™ provides high ductility, allowing it to move with expanding and contracting surfaces.” Another of the company’s new products, Ultra Bond™, “was developed to fit a special need for adhering new polyurea coatings to old polymeric substrates. Ultra Bond™ uses a patented molecule that gives the product tenacious adhesion to many organic substrates. SPI also manufactures a product called AE-4 (Adhesion Enhancer) for bonding to most inorganic surfaces.” K5™ is another proprietary product offered by SPI. One of the toughest, most abrasion resistant polyurea coatings on the market, K5™ was “originally developed for blast mitigation and ballistic attenuation. It is product is used in the mining, transportation, industrial equipment and marine industries.”

SPI’s main polyurethane foam markets include “wall & roofing insulation for both residential and commercial construction in addition to specialty spray and pour foam systems used for cavity filling, soil stabilization, slab jacking, flotation and pipe/tank decommissioning as well as molds and tooling. They also specialize in 15-minute building code compliant intumescent and cementitious fire retardant coatings. Another new product, Flame Seal-TB™ provides a “solution to increase public safety, promote the use polyurethane foam and help construction professionals meet building code requirements.”

The company is also a leading distributor of Graco plural component equipment as well as a manufacturer of specialized equipment such as the Synergy Series LPG™ proportioner.

Haskins lists numerous qualities that give the company a competitive advantage, including their corporate culture of innovation that he says “pushes the industry envelope.” Another advantage is their portfolio of products that unique to their company. Their strategic locations also provide a competitive advantage. SPI has manufacturing and distribution centers in Washington State and Texas as well as distribution centers in Alaska and New Jersey. Other differentiators include their “36 years of industry and field experience, year-round technical support from a veteran team of technicians as well as extensive equipment and safety training classes.”

For more information about Specialty Products, Inc. or the Synergy Series LPG™ proportioner, visit

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