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Masterbond-SP Offers Unique Spray Foam Product For Use On Buildings’ Exteriors
Foam is covered in stucco, creating a moisture controlling, seamless insulation

Unlike most spray foam products which are applied to a building’s interior, Masterbond-SP, Inc. offers a unique product that is applied to the exterior of a building, planed flat and then covered in stucco. As the only company in the industry with the patented technology to do this, Masterbond has a distinctive competitive advantage. The company insists that this application is just as effective and durable as standard spray foam and has rigorously tested their product to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. In fact, the company’s owner, Michael Belleau, is so confident in the product that he used this method to insulate a motor home and then drove it 3,000 miles from Salem, MA to Orlando, FL and back without a crack!

While the Masterbond motor home is a novel way to demonstrate the effectiveness and durability of the wall system, the real value of the product can be seen in its residential and commercial applications. Belleau explains that “the residential housing market is our main market, especially customers looking to reinsulate existing homes without ripping out their walls. Masterbond is the ultimate solution for brick and concrete restoration. It literally glues crumbling structures back together and gives them a stunning finish.”

He describes the application process, “The Masterbond-SP wall system is applied to a clean, dry wall surface. The wall surface is prepped and exterior grade closed cell spray foam insulation is sprayed directly onto the existing exterior surface of the building. Foam is sprayed to 1.5" or more, depending on the desired application. The spray foam is then flattened with the patented Masterbond-SP Vac-Plane Tool which gives a perfectly flat result with minimal effort and clean up. It has an attached vacuum which cleans up foam chips as you work. The flattened foam surface is then covered with a base coat and structural mesh. Once this is dried and sculpted where needed, stucco is applied. Culture stone, brick facing and siding can also be applied to this system to allow for a wide variety of aesthetics and finish options.”

This process creates a “moisture controlling, seamless exterior insulation finish”. Belleau says, “Customer satisfaction is extremely high as this system gives 50% savings in energy costs, is energy efficient (green), aesthetically appealing and easy to apply to the exterior of buildings year round without disturbing inhabitants. It is the best solution for customers with existing homes or commercial buildings looking to improve their insulation and energy costs without disturbing their daily lives.”

He details some of the product’s additional benefits, “The Masterbond-SP wall system eliminates the drainage plan required in traditional EIFS systems. This, in effect, completely eliminates moisture and mold issues. Our patented system of application, surface preparation and flattening allows spray polyurethane foam to be applied directly to the exterior surface of any structure which results in an effective R-value of R-6.8 to R-21 depending on application, significantly greater than interior applications of SPF. The Masterbond-SP wall system is especially effective in harsh coastal environments where moisture control is essential as is a system that can withstand high winds and storms.”

Looking ahead, Belleau explains, “In 2010, Masterbond-SP plans to license at least one applicator in each state. We are seeking out people across various trades looking to grow their business and profits. This is a cost effective solution for failing EIFS systems. It provides two times the R-value of alternative systems and is a product that people in various fields can install. If you currently work in virtually any craftsman trade, we can train you to apply the Masterbond-SP wall system, diversifying your existing skills and business and making it more profitable. We are going to create green jobs!”

For more information, visit or read Michael’s blog at

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