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Overspray Removal Process Goes Green
Nationwide Overspray announces the addition of water reclamation units to its mobile overspray removal service offerings

Dallas, Texas, February 23, 2010: Nationwide Overspray, a 28-year-old overspray removal company, announced the addition of water reclamation units today to its mobile overspray removal service offerings. “We have always used an environmentally safe process for cleaning cars”, says Jim Gerencser, owner and president of Nationwide Overspray. “The problem is what to do with the waste water, especially if the overspray contaminant is industrial fallout such as rail dust or chemicals from a refinery blowout.” The reclamation units are designed to capture the wastewater and then transfer the contaminated water to a holding tank for later disposal.

Overspray, defined as any airborne foreign contaminant, occurs when a painting project, chemical emissions or industrial fallout is blown by the wind or errant spraying and settles on vehicles, airplanes or structures. Overspray can also occur from road spray and wet cement. Specialized processes and materials are used to clean the overspray without damaging the original paint job.

The water reclamation units are portable, can be set up in minutes and are designed to prevent the by-product of the overspray cleaning process from entering the ground water and possibly seeping into the water supply system.

Mr. Gerencser says, “We are doing our best to help keep the environment clean and will continue to look for ways to stay green. Nationwide Overspray wants to be a company at the forefront of green technology.”

For more information on how overspray occurs, the overspray removal process or to see a demonstration of the water reclamation units contact David Anderson or Jim Gerencser at 800.345.1269.

About Nationwide Overspray:

Nationwide Overspray provides safe, high quality overspray removal services to businesses and individuals across the United States. Since 1982, Nationwide Overspray has processed more than 200,000 claims involving paint overspray and other types of vehicle contamination. Subsidiaries of Nationwide Overspray are NAS Hail, a hail damage repair service, and Nationwide Auto Services providing temporary staffing solutions for auto manufacturers and vehicle processing centers. Nationwide Overspray is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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David Anderson

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