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New Generator Compressor Design Saves Even More Floor Space
Next Generation Power Engineering's spray foam combination units save space and weight by combining two machines into one

Next Generation Power Engineering's combination units have saved space and weight in contractor trucks and trailers by combining two machines into one. Now, a new, vertically-oriented design option substantially cuts down the width of a package that was already smaller than running a separate generator and compressor.

Previous designs put the belt-driven compressor off to the side of the engine, keeping a low-profile, but adding width to the set. This configuration is still offered and perfect for height restricted areas, such as the front of gooseneck trailers. Next Gen's vertically-stacked unit places the gen-set on a framework over the fuel or air tank, enabling the compressor to be belt-driven below the crankshaft. This design increases the height, but significantly reduces the footprint, saving valuable floor space.

Power by a reliable Kubota diesel engine running at 1,800 rpm, sizes are available from 10-50 kW with 20-100 cfm of air. A low-speed Schulz compressor is standard with an optional rotary screw compressor offered. Measuring 78" L x 30" W x 60" H, the pictured machine provides 40 kW, has a 30 cfm rotary screw compressor and sits on an 80 gallon fuel tank. List price is price is $21,000 with discounts available for installers and manufacturers.

Contact Next Generation Power*, 1732 St. Johns Bluff Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32246. 888-463-9879; Fax: 904-642-8175.;

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