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Innovative Painting & Waterproofing Completes “Green Roof” in Malibu, CA
The company used Dow’s Verdiseal roofing membrane system for this project

Innovative Painting & Waterproofing, Inc. has been a major force in the Southern Californian polyurea industry since 2001 and they have recently been making a splash in the spray foam market as well.
Donald A. Dancey, president of the company, says that they plan to focus more on this growing market in the future.

In fact, he mentions, “Seven of my guys are going through SPFA training right now.” Dancey sees Innovative’s highly trained staff as one of their biggest competitive advantages, along with their experience. “Our field personnel are trained through the union as well as through private training programs such as SPFA. As a minimum, each employee has received at least four years classroom and on the job training. Others have up to 25 years experience in their fields.” Their website states that the company’s management team “has over 60 years of hands on, planning and logistics experience in completing large, difficult, complex, unusual (and routine) projects.”

“Our employees have a broad range of expertise and experience with a multitude of structure types, equipment systems and material formulations. Our specialty coatings experts are used to doing it all, from epoxy deck coatings to elastomeric exterior wall systems. We are certified installers for a wide range of coatings that include deck and wall systems plus insulative coatings, fireproof coatings, chemical resistant coatings, brick & concrete sealers, and coatings designed specifically to address problem issues like vapor-drive and moisture migration in concrete, reducing slip/fall accidents to improve safety, reducing or eliminating fungus and microbes, and increasing (or eliminating) conductivity in electronics/semiconductor production areas.”

Innovative’s stellar reputation has landed them many high profile jobs in the area including L.A. Dodgers Stadium, University of Arizona’s stadium, many of the water features at Disneyland, the exercise yards and roof at the Los Angeles county jail and, most recently, a new LAPD facility.

Another notable project that the company recently completed was a 10,000 square foot residence in Malibu, CA. This “green roof” project was done with Dow’s Verdiseal roofing membrane system.

Dancey explains, “After several months of research and evaluating comparative systems, Dow’s Verdiseal polyurea membrane was chosen for this project.”

Dow’s website describes Verdiseal as “an elastomeric membrane developed for use in verdant roof gardens, such as green roofs and plaza decks that help improve environmental aesthetics and urban air quality. It provides a waterproof, seamless coating that can be quickly and easily applied and readily accommodates complex roof configurations and protrusions.”

Dancey describes the project as an involved process, consisting of many stages to ensure a truly watertight membrane. “First, we caulked dissimilar transitions with a ¾” urethane sealant bead. We then sawed ¼” X ¼” keyways to allow the coating to terminate on open flat surfaces. All bug holes were patched using a high strength grout. Dow’s 100% solids primer was installed per the manufacturer’s instructions and seeded with #20 sand to refusal. Next, Dow’s polyurea membrane was applied using Graco’s H-XP3 proportional pump and Fusion gun at the rate of 100 mils DFT. Following the installation of the Dow membrane, approximately 900 square feet of roof received 2.75 pound sprayed urethane foam. This was installed at an average of 4” sloped to the drains to encapsulate fire sprinkler piping. This was finished off with an acrylic elastomeric topcoat applied at the rate of 3 gallons per square foot.”

“There were several different roof segments incorporated into this design. Some of the areas will become elevated patio decks installed over the Dow system while several other areas will be landscaped. The remainder will be finished with a gravel rock bed.”

“Sitting atop the California foothills with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful home is now watertight thanks to the completion of these window and roofing systems.”

For more information about Innovative Painting & Waterproofing, visit

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