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Frigid Temperatures Causing a Crisis for Many Americans
Spray Foam Insulation Helps Homes and Businesses Save on Energy Use

*ALERT: Lapolla Industries will be in Las Vegas from January 19-21 at the International Builders Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth #C3910. The media is invited to interview Lapolla at the IBS show from 10am-4pm.*

  • This winter is predicted to be one of coldest in history for a majority of the United States. Frigid temperatures combined with the already high prices of gas, electric and oil has home and business owners scrambling to pay their heating bills. Now that we’re entering a harsh winter with sub-zero temperatures, some families have even been forced to lower their costs by keeping their house colder and wearing coats and extra blankets around their home, and using unsafe space heaters.
  • A major contributor to this problem is the inefficient fiberglass insulation that is used in most construction in the U.S. There are many concerns and health issues with fiberglass insulation. A main issue is that fiberglass insulation is not air-tight, causing warm air to escape in the winter and cool air to escape in the summer. Fiberglass does not seal around corners, causing money to literally go out the window.
  • An American company named Lapolla Industries realized this growing crisis and decided to do something about it. Lapolla Industries has perfected a spray foam insulation, which causes an air-tight seal, thus trapping warm and cool air respectively, making homes and businesses energy efficient and drastically lowering heating and cooling bills. Unlike fiberglass, spray foam forms a protective barrier around seams and joints, creating an air-tight seal that keeps unwanted pollutants and allergens away from your family and pets. It is protected by a lifetime warranty and will save families and businesses thousands of dollars. In fact, homes and businesses that use spray foam insulation save up to 40% or more on energy use.
  • In order to help consumers cut their home energy bills and benefit by Lapolla spray foam technology, Doug Kramer, President and CEO of Lapolla Industries, has arranged through Bank of America a 1.99% financing offer to help Americans with the initial cost to make their homes energy efficient while benefiting from the return on investment of reduced energy bills.
  • President Obama called proper home insulation a “sexy” solution to save money, and is giving homeowners a $1500 rebate to make their homes energy efficient with proper insulation. The key is energy conservation. Obama’s plan is to help Americans save money.
  • Lapolla Industries is getting national attention and recognition for their achievements in home insulation, air-tight quality, health and safety improvements to help protect Americans by providing energy savings, better air quality and comfort. Lapolla is often the first to exceed the credential requirements of new standards, product performance and life safety standards and have gained national recognition for these achievements. Lapolla Industries is a leader in the spray foam industry. They are an American company who has grown from a small two million dollar company to a 50 million dollar company. They have put in years of research to come up with state-of-the-art polyurethane foam technology. Lapolla is focused on product performance, life and safety standards and setting the bar for all other companies to follow.
  • Emmy award-winning television show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" contacted Lapolla for their help with EM:HE Season 7. Extreme Makeover Senior Producer Diane Korman contacted Lapolla to help provide a solution for a high performance insulation system that would deliver energy cost savings as well as superior air quality within the home. Lapolla quickly stepped up and facilitated the spray foam insulation for the home at no cost to the family.
  • Energy savings is a critical issue today because of the volatility in energy costs. It’s not just about paying the mortgage; rather, it’s about energy costs and maintaining homes. Mortgage companies are even considering energy efficiency when offering differing qualifying ratios, allowing consumers to buy a more expensive home, knowing energy bills will be more reliable and manageable.
  • Richard Kurtz, CEO of Kamson Corporation, one of the largest property owners/developers in the Northeast, is the Chairman of Lapolla. Kurtz recognized the value that spray foam insulation had to offer and decided to get involved on the ground floor. Kurtz stated, “As a large multi-family residential property owner, I see incredible value in this business. It just makes sense. It saves people money all-year round, reduces the carbon footprint and everyone benefits.”
  • Visit for more information.

For a news interview with Lapolla Industries, please call Robert Weneck at 954-683-1518.

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