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Protective Coatings
Acrylic Chem-Shield Coated Foam Roofing System Installed in Texas
Spray-polyurethane foam chosen to protect millions in hydro electric equipment and protect a delicate eco system

Project: Hydro Electric Generating Station Roof in Possum Kingdom, Texas

Brazos River Authority, Waco, TX

Project Coordinator:
Larry Matl

Scope of Work:
Removal of Existing Roofing, Surface Preparation & Installation of 100% Acrylic CHEM-SHIELD Coated Foamed Roofing.

Sprayfoam Contractor:
Larry Molitor of Molitor Enterprises, Huntsville, TX
Phone: (936) 294-9496

“Molitor Enterprises, Inc., under the ownership of Mr. Larry Molitor has an exemplary track record of successful Coated Foamed Roofing System installations that span more than 30 years. Ask for a satisfied client list.”
Dena Sosebee, Chemical Design Corporation

Customer Quote:
“The upper roof was torn off carefully. The debris was confined in plastic bags so no loose matter could go downstream of the dam. It was then safely removed from the roof by the fork lift and placed into the roll-off container. The lower roof first layer of roofing was carefully removed and placed in plastic bags, then removed by the fork lift and placed in the roll-off container. The roll-off container was safely removed from the job site after all work was completed.”
Larry Matl, Project Coordinator

“The tear-off could have posed a real problem with the environment. This job had water on both sides of the Powerhouse roof. If the debris was not handled in the proper manner and was allowed to get into the water, the debris would have been pulled downstream before it could be recovered, thus causing really big problems. Also, the re-coating of a urethane foam roof is vital to its service life. This information was passed along to the current personnel of the Brazos River Authority”
Larry Molitor, Molitor Enterprises

Furthermore, Larry Molitor and we at Chemical Design Corporation believes in and promotes Coated Foamed Roofing Systems because:

  1. Sprayed-in-Place Application
    The unique "Three-layer System" forms a ”Seamless Membrane”. Water entry points do not exist. Applicators ”Add Slope-to-Drain” and ”Customize Flashing” to fit YOUR project.
    The National Roofing Foundation states: “SPF roof system technology has made significant improvement, as found in the physical property test results. This will allow future recoating work to take place on many of these roof systems, leading to long system service lives.”
  2. Closed-cell Structure
    "Water Cannot Migrate in Lateral Directions" to find alternate entry points, and the sustainability attributes of SPF assure “Lowest Roofing Life Cycle Cost” for the building owner.
    The Roofing Industry Educational Institute, Technical Director Emeritus, Dick Fricklas states that . . . “With a decent recoating schedule a foam roof can last for decades.”
  3. Lightweight Composition
    "A Re-cover Application is Likely" because the entire system can weigh less than the previous aggregate. Usually no tear-off and disposal equals “Far Less Business Interruption” and “ No Landfill Costs”.
    The Oak Ridge National Laboratory estimates and states that . . . “Over the lifetime of a building, the average roof needs to be replaced (4) four times. Over 75 % of all roofing work in the U S is re-roofing and the second largest contributor to solid waste generation in the United States is roofing.”
  4. Added Strength and Dimensional Stability
    Adding dimensional strength to a roof deck equals “Easy/Inexpensive Repair Procedures” and in long run, “Best Wind Uplift Protection”.
    The American Institute of Architects, Charles Brandt, AIA states that . . . “Hurricane Andrew proved the old adage of the weak link. The performance of SPF in high wind conditions showed there was no weak link.”
  5. Energy Efficient Building Material
    SPF has the "Highest R-Value per Inch Installed” of any commonly used roofing insulation on the market today, which should “Help Reduce Energy Bills by Up to 50%”.
    Professional Roofing Magazine article entitled - Cool Systems for Hot Cities states that . . . “A Cool Roof System, one that reflects solar radiation and emits thermal radiation well, keeps a building cooler and helps reduces air-conditioning costs.”

Need More Information:
Tom Shackelford
Chemical Design Corporation
Direct Line: 239-834-7388

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