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Overspray USA Offers Nonabrasive Overspray Cleanup Solution
Specialists utilize unique hand polishing system to help remove stray spray foam

Whenever applying spray foam, there is always a chance that stray foam will land on a finished surface. While there are various methods of removal, many of these involve the use of electric buffers, abrasive compounds or harsh chemicals, all of which could scratch or even burn through the finished surface and most likely fade the finish. Overspray USA offers a unique, nonabrasive hand polishing system that wipes away excess foam without risk of damaging the paint finish, glass, chrome, rubber trim or molding pieces.

Tim Ramsey of Overspray USA affirms, “We do the job right the first time. We do not and will not cut corners on handling the overspray cleanup. This ensures that there is no lasting damage to the finished surfaces. Our hand polishing system will save hundreds to thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of repainting or replacing the damaged property.”

Overspray USA’s nationwide mobile service team is available anywhere in the United States “arriving onsite on time and operating in a professional manner”. The company’s overspray specialists provide quality documentation (pre-inspection and release forms, before and after photos) that can be used for casualty insurance claims. In fact, Overspray USA now represents major casualty insurance carriers across the United States. “Our services satisfy the claimant with our hand polishing system while releasing the casualty carrier and insured from all claims.”

“Our technicians are overspray experts, knowledgeable in the differences between various surfaces including automobiles, trucks, trailers, boats, airplanes, machinery, outdoor furniture, windows, metal buildings and roofs, office buildings, houses, etc., allowing us to determine the best possible solution for each situation. We are experienced in a wide variety of oversprays and other foreign substances and are ready to work as part of your team to provide a professional overspray removal service locally and nationally. In addition to the managing/handling of residential and commercial overspray and related insurance claims, we also offer a one-time or full-time maintenance pressure washing service. Our expertise in these areas allows us to understand the various factors of an overspray situation in order to determine which techniques and products should be used in the cleaning process.”

Overspray USA systems are designed to provide residential and commercial contractors and self-insured entities with a flexible, comprehensive approach to overspray claims while also satisfying the claimant. Ramsey emphatically points out, “We provide a proven successful solution with our unique hand polishing system.”

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