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Contractors Praise Tripolymer® Injection Foam Insulation
Tripolymer® is Uniquely Suited for Certain Applications

Tripolymer injection foam is a unique insulation product that allows contractors to easily retrofit existing homes. While spray foam provides the ideal solution for many situations, there are certain instances where its application may be difficult or impractical, particularly in the case of existing homes. Tripolymer effectively fills this niche so that spray foam contractors are able to service these jobs.

Steve Fortin of Spray-Tech Foam Insulation, LLC in Southington, CT is one of Tripolymer’s biggest proponents. “We really believe in this product. It does an amazing job and customers are extremely happy with it.” Spray-Tech uses Tripolymer in addition to regular spray foam. Fortin explains, “We saw a market for existing houses where spray foam wasn’t always the best solution. Injection foam serves different needs than spray foam. In fact, we sometimes even use both in the same house.”

Fortin continues, “When we first decided to add injection foam to our service offering, we wanted a product that doesn’t expand and Tripolymer was perfect. It is fully expanded as soon as it leaves the installation equipment. In addition to its insulative properties, Tripolymer offers soundproofing with 80% noise reduction as well as impressive fireproofing qualities.”

“Injection foam is truly a business in itself and it’s a booming business. There is no expensive equipment to buy so there is a low barrier to entry and provides an excellent return on investment. It’s also a non-toxic, green product, enabling homeowners to qualify for a tax credit. Overall, Tripolymer is a very profitable and well rounded product.”

Paul Paris Jr., Managing Member of ZeroDraft in Waterford, CT, is another ardent supporter of Tripolymer. “My company was in the cellulose and energy auditing business since 2002. We often received calls from homeowners wanting to upgrade their wall insulation but they had fiberglass in the cavities. We regularly discussed amongst ourselves that we wished there was a product that could retrofit an existing home by injecting foam into the walls. After a lengthy search we stumbled upon Tripolymer and our prayers were answered.”

Paris continues, “Tripolymer is now the primary product that our company sells. We have doubled our annual sales since we added this product. Wall foam is a great complement to what we do. We can airseal and upgrade a homeowner’s wall cavity in one shot, saving time and money. Having a niche in retrofitting existing homes is a nice business to be in. As long as conventional insulation companies keep installing fiberglass and making people’s homes uncomfortable then we will always have work.”

Chris Curry of All Florida Insulation is yet another advocate for Tripolymer. “Although we primarily install spray foam, we offer injection foam as an additional product offering. It enables us to land many jobs that we may not have been able to service with spray foam. We can insulate existing homes that want a foam product without tearing apart the walls. Builders like not having to remove drywall, home owners like not having their house destroyed in the process and consumers really want foam, not glass or cellulose. Tripolymer allows us to meet all of these needs. I even like to include it in my bids on new block homes in Florida because I feel that the more tools I have to offer, the better competitive advantage I have. Additionally, the lack of formaldehyde in its manufacturing process makes it a truly green product.”

Curry explains how they found out about Tripolymer, “I did a lot of research on injected foams prior to committing to Tripolymer. I contacted numerous dealers and everyone spoke highly of Tripolymer. Now I can count myself among those happy customers.”

Tripolymer injection foam is an excellent product for contractors and spray foam installers to add to their existing lineup, complementing the capabilities of spray foam and opening entirely new markets. For more information about Tripolymer injection foam, visit

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