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Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing Offers Wide Selection of High Quality Equipment
SFE is a full service company with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing (SFE), based in Calhoun, LA, is a full service distribution and manufacturing company with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The company manufactures their own heated spray foam hoses (1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" low and high pressure), custom spray foam trailer packages, hose heaters and hose TSUs (Temperature Sensing Units) and distributes virtually all products and equipment required to install spray foam insulation and coatings. They also have a full staff of professional, qualified personnel to serve the industry in the areas of product sales, equipment sales and technical service. Their team is headed by owner and general manager Eric Bentson who has been distributing and manufacturing spray foam products since 2005 and on the “gun end” of the business as a spray foam applicator since 1986.

Although the company provides a wide range of products and services, business manager Mark Bentson states, “SFE's spray foam products, custom made hoses and custom trailer packages are the bread and butter of our business.”

While other hoses have to be purchased in 50’ sections and pieced together with joint connections that have historically been a trouble spot for contractors, SFE custom builds their hoses to any length up to 410 feet. The SFE hoses are flexible, built to last with a scuff guard coating and are wired for a TSU. “As soon as one of our hoses is received by a customer, it is ready to go straight to the jobsite, complete with all necessary connections to hook up to the hose heater, TSU and proportioner.” The standard hose connections are #5 & #6 hydraulic fittings to work with Graco machines, but SFE will customize the hoses with any connections requested by the customer. SFE keeps several standard length hoses in stock and can typically ship the hose out within one day of the order being processed. All hoses have a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty for defective materials or faulty workmanship.

SFE also has some new hose products available. They have recently developed and begun manufacturing a fully adjustable hose heating system that can operate independently from the customer’s proportioner and can heat up to 360' of hose. Additionally, the company is now offering a new style of heated spray foam hose called “fusion hose”. Mark explains that “it is much more flexible than traditional hoses and easier and more ergonomic to handle. It also maintains the highly efficient heating capability, insulation and scuff guard as our other hoses as well as the same 30 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty.”

Like their custom made hoses, SFE also builds custom trailer packages to fit the specific needs of their clients. SFE has a full range of proportioners to handle any spray foam application. “By speaking with our customers and discussing the types of jobs and work they will be performing, we can recommend an ideal combination of proportioner, generator, compressor and accessories to handle the work in the most efficient and cost effective manner.” Owner Eric Bentson’s experience in the industry gives him an intimate understanding of the best way to lay out the components in the trailer to best utilize the space and simplify the process of completing any job. With all the necessary accessories included, SFE trailer packages come ready to drive directly to the jobsite to begin spraying. The company also provides their customers with a free “foam school” training when the trailer is picked up to ensure that they are prepared to start a successful spray foam business.

A typical trailer package from SFE includes a proportioner, generator, compressor, top of the line spray foam gun, 200' of SFE heated hose, dual 24" braided steel whip ends, two IPM 2:1 barrel pumps connected to the proportioner with hydraulic hose, 125 amp load center with flex conduit wiring system including overhead lights and 2 outlets, an Allegro fresh air system with a full face mask and 100' of hose, 3M full face particulate mask for a second applicator, a case of polypropylene spray suits, a case of spray sock head covers and a deluxe foam stir tool.

SFE also offers a full range of spray foam products and coatings required for any plural component spray application. “If the customer knows which product they need, we can quickly provide it with competitive pricing or we can assist the customer with evaluating and recommending the most effective spray foam product or coating for the particular application. Our most popular products include .5 lb. open cell, 1.2 lb. hybrid and 2 lb. closed cell for general indoor applications as well as 2.7 lb. closed cell foam and elastomeric coatings (e.g. polyurea) for roofing applications. However, we can supply nearly any spray foam product or coating and we can even work with our product suppliers to blend custom spray foam products to meet our customers’ needs.”

“We also deal in used equipment, providing used machines, trailer packages, parts and equipment for contractors who don’t want to pay the higher costs of new equipment or who need parts for their older equipment that are no longer carried by the manufacturer. We also purchase used and broken down equipment in addition to offering consignment services for our customers.”

Mark Bentson points out that the company’s competitive advantages are their high levels of service and competitive pricing. “SFE is able to provide high quality spray foam products, equipment and parts with pricing that typically beats our competition, and in many areas we beat the competition by 30 to 50%.

“The service and personal touch that SFE customers receive is a breath of fresh air to people who are sick and tired of talking to automated systems when they call for products or technical support. When a customer contacts SFE, they speak to one of the SFE team members directly without having to wait on hold for 20 minutes (or even 1 minute). SFE’s experience as a spray foam applicator and a seasoned distribution company enables us to quickly troubleshoot nearly any problem that a customer is experiencing. When a customer orders from SFE, they gain access to the vast knowledge that we can offer during times of trouble or when evaluating which spray foam products or equipment are needed for a particular application.”

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