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TPR2's Coatings First to Receive Approval on Open, Closed Cell and Soy Foam
TPR2 Fireshell® meets the new AC377 ICC approved ignition barrier code standard over all common types of spray foam

Intertek testing has now issued reports confirming TPR2 meets the new AC377 ICC approved ignition barrier code standard over all common types of spray foam, including soy based, the only company to achieve such extensive approvals.

TPR2, a Connecticut ‘high tech’ fire solutions company, now has specific approval reports for all foam types: open cell, closed cell, soy based open cell and soy based closed cell. On some tests, they have passed with thicknesses as high as 10" walls and 13" in ceilings.

"The hands down leader in testing approvals for coatings over foams" is a great way to get introduced to spray foam professionals, which is how TPR2 was recently introduced by Bob Zaffino, owner of The Paint Project, a leading industrial spray equipment distributor & master service center.

"It’s very rewarding to be recognized like that. We have spent years and many development dollars striving to be number one on the spray foam industry’s speed dial" stated Brian Flaherty of TPR2, while discussing the recent ICC approval of AC377 which defines the new acceptance criteria for ignition barriers on spray foams.

“With nine separate full scale room assemblies approved to code from ETL labs, we have more room test certifications than anyone in the market today. We are the only company to pass with several coating products on spray foam insulation. We are the only company to have specific approval for all foam types. Others have one test completed on only closed cell foam. This greatly limits a sprayer’s code compliance to only that specific foam. Fireshell® provides our customers incredible flexibility and choice. TPR2 is the only company offering direct compliance to the codes on soy, closed and open cell foams”.

A listing of the tests approved can be found on the company’s website at TPR2 continues to test a variety of foams in an effort to create new and innovative low cost solutions for the polyurethane spray foam industry. As always, TPR2 products are invented in & made in America. They are LEED complaint, ultra low VOC and contain no formaldehyde.

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