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Overspray Removal Company Repairs 20 Million Dollar Antique Car Collection
Nationwide Overspray excels in the cleaning process and the management of the claim

Recently, a 20 million dollar antique car collection was damaged by paint overspray. The owners of this collection were very careful with the cars and protected them well. So, how do these accidents happen? It’s never one thing or the other but a series of mishaps.

The autos were housed in a 50,000 square foot section of a large (300,000 square feet) warehouse. The majority of the warehouse was vacant and the owners decided to repaint the ceiling and support poles. The paint was aluminum based paint. The painters were doing an excellent job with no problems until it came time to paint the corners that connected the vacant section to the classic car collection space. It turns out that the ceiling to wall junctions had a very small gap and the rollup doors also had a gap. In addition, the space housing the car collection was not climate controlled and because it was a very warm day the outside doors were opened and several large fans were in use. This apparently helped create a suction that pulled the paint spray in to the car collection space at the ceiling level. The result was a fine mist that “rained” on the entire car collection. The cars were displayed with windows open, hoods raised and convertible tops down. This created quite a bit of damage.

Nationwide Overspray was called in by the insured to assess the damage and come up with a plan to restore the automobiles to their previous condition or better. A high level of expertise and skill was needed to clean the outside and inside of cars such as a 1949 Packard, ‘60’s Thunderbirds, Model T’s or a 1936 Lincoln Zephyr. All of the cars were pre-inspected for existing damage or uncleanable parts and a designated quality control team went over each car with special lights for a final inspection. While the client was pleased by the results and we heard comments like, “These cars have never looked better.” there were uncleanable parts and Nationwide Overspray worked with the insurance company to document all of those parts for eventual replacement.

Nationwide Overspray was more than happy to be involved in such a unique project. The management of the claim was as important as the cleaning process. Nationwide Overspray excelled in both instances.

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