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New Heavy-Duty Spray Foam Industrial Generator Provides Maximum Output
Next Generation Power introduces the latest addition for jump starting the largest vehicles and equipment in the most

For jump starting the largest vehicles and equipment in the most extreme conditions, Next Generation Power introduces the latest addition to its heavy-duty line of industrial generators. One of the largest in the industry, the new water-cooled, Kubota-powered, diesel Jump Start Package produces 1,000 amps at 12 or 24V DC. With glow plugs standard, cold starts are never a problem in any climate.

With a 3-cylinder, 18 hp, D722 Kubota diesel engine, the dependable Jump Start Package offers a longer service life, increased safety and better fuel efficiency than gasoline-powered units. Many competing brands put heavy starting current through their brushes, causing rapid wear and continuous maintenance. Next Gen employs a simple compound-regulated design that does not put jump start current through the brushes, virtually eliminating maintenance.

Based on the super-rugged, water-cooled Kubota engine, the versatile Jump Start Package has three installation options: radiator-cooled, stand-alone packages with or without an enclosure; remote radiator-cooled units that enable installation in service vehicle compartments; and no supplied radiator cooling, which can be plumbed through the truck's main engine, providing pre-heat capability.

The heavy-duty, diesel Jump Start Package from Next Generation Power comes standard with 6 kW of 120/240V AC to operate additional electric devices and equipment, such as power tools or lighting. Measuring only 28" L x 16" W x 21" H, the base, open unit costs $6,495. The company also offers smaller Jump Start Packages, as well as gen-sets, power units, compressors, generator compressors and other custom combinations.

Contact Next Generation Power, 1732 St. Johns Bluff Rd.,
Jacksonville, FL 32246. 888-463-9879; Fax: 904-642-8175.;

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