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Boy Wins 10k Race Wearing Spray Foam Shirt
Alex Commette, a 10 year old from Brielle, New Jersey was the youngest to run in the annual Brielle Day race.

September 12, 2009 – BRIELLE, NJ – Almost 300 area runners participated in the Annual Brielle Day 10k Run this weekend. What sets this 10k apart from others is that more than 60% of it takes place in the challenging hills of Brielle in southern Monmouth County. Running up and down the hills make this a much more grueling 6.2 miles in comparison to your standard 10k.

Runners ranged in age from 10 to over 70. Alex Commette, a 10 year old from Brielle Elementary School was the youngest to run in the race. Commette not only won his Under 14 division, but placed 51st overall and finished the entire race in 48:02 minutes, beating most of the adults for the day.

Commette ran at a pace of 7:44 per mile, just over 2 minutes of the winner’s pace of 5:40 per mile. The winning time of 35 minutes 13 seconds was posted by David Slavinski, 38 year old from Point Pleasant.

 /></p>  <p>In a post race interview with Alex Commette, he stated “I am trying to follow my dream of getting into the Olympics.” Commette apparently has an enthusiasm for Track and Field, specifically running races. Commette won the 400 meter and the 400 meter relays in his school “Olympics” last year. The “Olympics,” as they are called, is competition among the best track and field athletes from local regional Ocean County and Monmouth County schools.</p>  <p>We asked Alex what he did to prepare for the race.  He said, “nothing. I just woke up and decided to run in the race.” We asked him what he had for breakfast that morning to prepare, and he said “a waffle.”</p>  <p align= /></p>  <p>On race day, with his ratty old playground sneakers, his t-shirt, and his entrance fee provided by his mom, Alex headed down to the park to register in his first 10k. It was his first any “k” actually. The rest you know already.</p>  <p>Perhaps you have interesting photos and videos wearing your t-shirt you would like to share with us?</p>  <p>Alex, thanks for representing! Hope to see you in the Olympics someday.</p>  <p>by:<br /> Staff (and proud father)<br />   </p>  <p>Watch YouTube Video</p>  <object width=

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