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Foam Spray Application
California Couple Constructs Rainforest Exhibit Out of Spray Foam
Spray Foam Systems supplies do-it-yourself foam kit for unique endeavor

Spray Foam Systems, based in Greensboro, GA, offers a wide range of do-it-yourself foam products for a variety of applications. Although these kits are usually used for residential or commercial insulation, one was recently used for a more unique purpose.

Clayton and Elaine Everett of Turlock, CA created a replica rainforest environment for their local county fair in Stanislaus, CA. Clay, a theater lighting instructor at California State University recruited colleagues from the university to create the attraction, titled “Rainforest Adventure,” for the Stanislaus County Fair which was held from July 31st to August 9th. The 8,000 square foot exhibit allowed visitors to walk over a swinging bridge, through an alligator swamp and even go down a slide over a waterfall and river (with real water). The attraction also included actual rainfall and real animals such as anacondas, alligators and parrots which were provided by professional handlers.

Although the rainforest landscape was constructed with various materials, the DIY spray foam kits were used to construct most of the larger, uniquely shaped props. Clay sprayed foam onto structures that were created with wire mesh and newspaper. After achieving the desired shape, he shaved and carved the foam into final pieces before painting and decorating. Clay and Elaine used a similar technique to create a dinosaur exhibit for last year’s fair.

Spray Foam Systems offers both closed and open cell DIY kits, ranging in size from 12’ to 36,000’+ applications. The kits are available in Class I E-84 Rated foam for residential insulation and Class II or AgFoam, ideal for agricultural applications such as poultry barns. Each kit includes virtually everything needed for a spray foam application including up to 150' of stainless steel braided, Teflon lined SPF hose with JIC connections to eliminate leaks and avoid any crystallization. These hoses are rated for 2500 PSI for maximum safety. Other protective gear that comes in each package includes Tyvek suits, nitrile dipped gloves, Advanz goggles, and 3M Organic Gas Vapor Respirators to ensure safety during the application. Also included in each package is a detailed 20 page Owner's Manual that provides step by step instructions for the operator. The only item not included is the nitrogen used to propel the chemical through the lines. However, nitrogen regulators are included, but must be returned. Additionally, the SPF tanks are returnable, so there is no disposal of drums, making for a greener application. Spray Foam Systems even pays for the tanks to be picked up.

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For more information, visit or call 877-737-4362.

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