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Polyurethane Foam Isn’t Just for Residential Wall Insulation
Lutick Industries, Inc. Automates PU Foam Line in New Jersey with Custom RIM Machinery

July 31, 2009 - Lakewood, NJ - Gama Machinery USA, Inc. is normally known for its spray foam and polyurea equipment. What you may not know, is that much of the same technology that goes into building proportioning machines, heated hoses and spray guns, is also used to make a variety of other daily products in our lives.

One example is an ATM Machine. There is a heavy metal-like body surrounded by some plastic parts. Some of these plastic parts are actually made from high-density polyurethane foam and elastomers. They start out as the same (very similar) A and B chemical formulations used with spray foam insulation.  These two components get processed and mixed through the injection machine in an almost identical process as with a spray foam machine. The major difference is that the injection machine forces the mixed foam into a mold, which is held together by a high tonnage press, instead of spraying it into a wall cavity.

Gama Machinery USA, Inc.  recently acquired Lutick Industries, Inc., a manufacture of high pressure Automated Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Equipment. This very same equipment supplies the automotive industry with seat cushions, bumpers, and other foam molded plastic parts you use in your car every day. RIM equipment makes building panels like SIPS, walk-in coolers, polyiso board insulation.  RIM equipment makes insulated flasks, beer coolers, refrigerators, sporting goods and more.  Did you know that the very same “polyurethane foam” that is sprayed into your homes and buildings is used all around you, everyday, inside many other products?

Gama Machinery USA, Inc. is all about custom foam application technology made simple. Their Lutick Industries subsidiary recently installed a Rim Pro 200 Foam Injection Machine at Exothermic Molding, in Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA.

The new Rim Pro 200 PU foam injection machine replaced an older German RIM machine.  Although the older machine worked reasonably well, it used a completely manual control system to interface with the customer’s four (4) press molding line. The system utilized a series of complex, time consuming, valves that all had to be set by hand to control which specific press the machine was injecting into.

The newer Lutick Rim Pro 200 machine was installed with a state of the art computer control system tied directly into the series of four (4) presses/molds and the machine.  Now the customer simply selects the specific PU part they want to mold on the computer touch screen, and the machine’s advanced control system does the rest.

According to Paul Steck, owner of Exothermic Molding, "the Lutick Industries RIM Machine, technical service and engineering expertise has saved us thousands with increased productivity and output. The Lutick Industries installation team came to the factory, installed the complex piping runs and fittings, they loaded the programs and we started making parts," Steck further comments.

About Lutick Industries, Inc.
Lutick Industries, Inc. is located in Lakewood, NJ, USA and provides standard RIM machines from 100 pounds output up to 800 pounds. Each machine is custom tailored to precisely fit the customer’s production needs and requirements.  Along with complete new machines, Lutick provides spare parts, RIM Mix Head rebuilding, Rexroth pump rebuilding and complete high pressure machine rebuilds.

Check out the whole installation on YouTube

Lutick Industries, Inc.
Lakewood, NJ 08701
United States

Telephone: (973) 429-5635

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