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Spray Urethane MaxiFoam Insulation Provides Significant Savings for Homeowners
Requiring no electricity to apply, anyone can be spraying flawless do-it-yourself foam

When asked what the number ONE question was about SoyThane Spray in Place Urethane Foam. Tom Hay, Technical Advisor for SprayMax Industrial Coatings Inc., was quick to answer.

“How much money will it save me?’ Let’s face facts; all insulation is applied to do two things – 1. Save you money. 2. Make you and your family more comfortable. Insulation is not a full wall TV screen with surround sound speakers. It is something you pay for and rarely, if at all, get to see or show off.”

Savings can be portrayed with an age old example. One person in a household wants the AC lowered from 74 degrees to 72 Degrees because they want to be cooler. Another person in the house wants to turn it up to 76 degrees in order to save money on the electric bill. The California Energy Commission did a study that showed you can save about 3% of your cooling costs for every degree above 72 degrees. That simple 4 degree swing equals 12% in savings. Now to the other side of the equator – Heat. One person wants the thermostat set at 78 degrees to be warm. Another household member wants it set at 72 degrees to save money. When contacting the American Council for an Energy-efficient economy the numbers all but came back the same, 3% for every degree on the thermostat or in this case an 18% saving.

Hay continued to explain, “12% to 18%, those sound like big numbers, especially over only a few degrees. This is where the fun begins. Venture up to your vented attic. The vents allow heat to come in the attic during the summer and cold to come in during the winter. You have a fibrous insulation on the floor of the attic. You were told it would save you a fortune. Most times your AC and Heat are pushed through duct work in your attic space with an R-4 fibrous insulation surrounded by an aluminum foil type covering. Have you ever been in your attic in the summer? There is a good chance it is 200 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. In the winter time it will most likely be the coldest place in the house.”

This is where the new Do-It-Yourself MaxiFoam comes in. SprayMax has developed a 70% closed-cell, .6 pound density foam to help create an envelope in your attic closing off all vents. This Pre Cart ridged material sprays out of the SprayMax inexpensive FastKick Spray Gun/Proportioner. The MaxiFoam expands 110 times its volume and creates an airtight seal setting up instantly. When sprayed in between attic trusses and closing off attic vents, Air Conditioning and Heat are now traveling through duct work at ambient temperature. This means simply instead of AC traveling through a 200+ degree room, it is traveling through an 80 degree room, a savings of 120 degrees.

As a test, the foam was sprayed the underside of a metal building roof on SprayMax Property. Using an infrared thermometer, a reading of 160 degrees was recorded on the metal side at 10:00 AM. Then another reading of 75 degrees was taken of the underside of the MaxiFoam in the crawl space.

MaxiFoam requires no electricity to apply and anyone with good eye-arm coordination can be spraying flawless foam right from the first cartridge.

“I have over 40 year’s practical experience in Urethane Foam insulation. The new MaxiFoam out performs anything I have seen in the market place to date MaxiFoam also qualifies for the Government stimulus plan with a return of 30% up to $1,500.00,” explains Hay.

To learn more about this exciting new product visit SoyThane.Com or call Toll Free (877) 772-9629.

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