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SprayWorks Connects with Foam Roofing and Coatings Industry
In less than a year, SprayWorks has responded to hundreds of inquiries through

A few years ago, Jim Davidson and his brother Dennis created SprayWorks Equipment Group, LLC outside of Canton, OH. The company was started to provide plural component spray equipment and parts to the spray foam and coatings industry and it quickly grew to become an exclusive distributor for Gama Machinery USA.

In late 2008, SprayWorks Equipment Group introduced the Spraybot Robotic Spray Foam Application Machine. This automated system allows for an automated machine to achieve uniform dispensing with the aid of a human applicator to monitor and steer the device.

This was an exciting new development for SprayWorks, but they wanted to find the most effective way to market and distribute their new product. In order to grow the business, they turned to “I first heard about from a friend who is a national distributor of foam and coating products. He knew Doug and knew that his web site was being recognized around the country as a way of communicating with the spray foam industry.”

“We decided to advertise on the site because of the comprehensive information provided for us by the representative. He supplied a detailed breakdown of the return we would receive for our investment with the site. It made the decision an easy one.”

“We have had great success so far using and it has allowed us to connect with a wide variety of customers. In less than a year, we have responded to nearly 200 inquiries through the site.”

Many of these inquiries have turned into success stories of their own for SprayWorks’ customers. When Mark King of Iowa Spray Foam wanted to cut down on overspray for his projects, he used the Spraybot to apply a foam thickness of 1.5” to 3” for each pass. Mark is very particular about his equipment and the Spraybot met even his high expectations. He says that the Spraybot saved him at least one full set of spray foam on the very first project he used it.

SprayBot Spray Foam Robot in Action

Onsite training, education and contractor assistance are also an important part of what SprayWorks Equipment Group offers. Last year, Heath Evans of Platinum Building Solutions in Illinois requested help through for a government contracted project. They needed to purchase the right application equipment for the job and needed onsite assistance to help his crew. SprayWorks’ many years of experience allowed them to assist with this project and make sure the project was completed successfully. Since that job, Heath has continued a strong relationship with SprayWorks and will be the first roofing contractor in the nation to use a newly designed Spraybot spray-head system that is larger, faster and made for higher output performance than past models.

Jim has countless stories like these about the contacts he has made through “With we have been able to connect with customers that we would not normally know how to find. is also beginning to play a major role for us by enabling us to contact the end user for sales, service and training. and are allowing our company to grow by leaps and bounds.”

SprayBot Spray Foam Robot is proud to have success stories come in from suppliers like SprayWorks. We wish them more success and encourage any foam or coating contractor looking to automate their spray operation to check out SprayWorks on this site, and their own. For more information about the Spraybot, you can visit or contact Jim by phone at 330-587-4141 or via email.

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