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Nationwide Overspray Provides Less Expensive Alternative to Repairing Vehicles
For insurance companies the overspray removal process minimizes downtime and the need for a rental car

Since 1982, Nationwide Overspray has provided clients with unsurpassed service and has become the industry leader in safe overspray removal and paint-free dent removal (PDR). The company’s expertise is not only in repairs but also administration and claim management.  The company has adapted easily and quickly to technological changes that helps facilitate administration of a project and claim management.  The end result; savings that help the bottom line of the insured and the insurance company.

A typical claim involves damage to a vehicle from accidental overspray contamination from various sources such as a commercial painter on a project.  The question becomes how many vehicles are affected and whether the damage is repairable.  In other words, “How much is this going to cost and how do I minimize the damage?”  Nationwide Overspray is a less expensive alternative to replacing parts or repainting a vehicle.  For the insurance company the overspray removal process, which can be done on site, also minimizes downtime and the need for a rental car which can sometimes be more than the repair itself.  Safe overspray removal, provided by Nationwide Overspray, is dealership recommended and manufacturer approved and will not void the warranty of a car.  That alone is a major benefit to the vehicle owner!

On larger claims Nationwide Overspray’s technology, systems and management of a project also minimizes downtime and is especially valuable for commercial projects such as dealerships or manufacturers.  Time is money and the goal is to keep the work going and meet deadlines.  The company’s internet portal platform allows Nationwide Overspray and the customer to keep up to date on the project so that adjustments can be made if needed.  Just recently a large auto dealership in the mid-west needed overspray removed quickly from approximately 300 vehicles.  These new cars had to be cleaned quickly so as to eliminate a possible PR nightmare and so that those cars could be returned to inventory for sale.  There was constant communication on job progress through the Nationwide Auto Services internet portal and the job was done quickly and to the satisfaction of the insurance company and the dealership.  The project was done totally on site.

NAS Hail, Nationwide’s hail repair division, also offers proven practical results in the hail repair process that again goes directly to the bottom line.  Paintless Dent Repair or PDR, a common name for hail repair, requires highly qualified technicians who are able to combine art and science to repair a vehicle to its previous condition or better.  There is no substitute for experience in the PDR business.  Before PDR, the history of hail repair usually meant expensive parts replacement.  Add to that the diminished value of the vehicle due to the repairs.  PDR, on the other hand, maintains the original finish which keeps resale value high.

A perfect example of the benefits of NAS Hail PDR is a recent project involving 4,200 brand new cars at a manufacturing plant.  The vehicles were repaired using NAS Hail’s paint-free dent removal system and the cars were sold as brand new.  Again, 4,200 vehicles repaired using PDR techniques and sold as new because of the exceptional quality of the PDR repairs.  The alternative was a massive financial loss for the manufacturer if the vehicles could not be repaired using PDR techniques and returned to their previous condition.

A similar event occurred in Germany this past summer at an auto plant.  This time it was just over 1,000 vehicles destined for showrooms in the USA.  In fact, a major advertising campaign had started in the U.S announcing the introduction of this model.  The cars had to be repaired quickly and at the same time ensure the highest quality repair.  Although the vehicles were destined for U.S. showrooms, the repairs had to be made in Germany at the factory.  NAS Hail responded within a couple of days and within a month and a half the vehicles were on their way to American showrooms.

Nationwide Overspray and NAS Hail both provide proven practical results for the insured and for the insurance company.  Both services offer a reliable cost effective solution to damage either man made or natural.  For more information contact NAS at 972.243.8882 or by email at

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