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Foam Spray Application
PolyPro, LLC Sprays Foam in Massive Residential/Commercial Complex
Spray Foam Being Utilized at Primarily for Sound Dampening

Although spray foam insulation has myriad uses, it is typically known for its insulation and roofing applications. However, PolyPro LLC is currently spraying a massive residential/commercial complex in Harrisonburg, VA primarily for the foam’s sometimes overlooked sound dampening qualities.

In close proximity to James Madison University, the residential and commercial location, called “Urban Exchange,” features four levels of condominiums, two levels of underground parking and 12,000 square feet of retail space at street level. The structure is of unique architectural design, consisting of two L-shaped buildings connected by three different colored bridges, each servicing a different floor level and painted either blue, yellow or red.

Ken Wells, owner of PolyPro, says they became involved in this project through the contractor, Kelco Builders, with whom they “have had a good relationship over the years.” The companies also recently worked together on a large apartment complex just up the street called “City Exchange.”

Ken explains that the builders chose spray foam because “superior sound deadening was desired between units. They knew that sound would travel through the tiniest cracks in the walls and floors and they wanted those cracks to be sealed. Half pound, open cell foam was the best option.”

To achieve this goal, 3 inches of open cell spray foam was used in addition to the R-13 batt between all 198 units. Ken describes the walls between each unit as “double 2”x4” walls with an air space between them. Drywall had to be installed on one side of the wall so that we had a substrate to spray to. It was great because after spraying you could go to the other side of the drywall and see where the foam came out of the cracks and filled all the voids, even around electrical outlet boxes.” Additionally, three inches of foam and R-19 batt was used between all four floors. One challenge that presented itself during the course of the application was that “we have had to be careful not to get any foam on the CPVC sprinkler pipes which have already been installed.”

Another unique aspect of the project was that they had to fill the space between the metal trash chute walls and the rectangular drywall chase. Open cell spray foam was applied straight up through all four floors in order to minimize any sounds created from trash falling down the metal tubes. For the trash chute walls alone, almost two full tractor trailer loads of open cell foam were required.

To spray this job, PolyPro used a Graco HPX-2 proportioner, Graco Fusion air purge gun, Graco T2 pumps, AR5252 and AR4242 mixing chambers with 200’ of heated hose running to a fully mobile, generated, spray foam rig on a 24’ box truck.

PolyPro is approximately halfway done with the job, having just finished spraying the first building. The scheduled completion date for “Urban Exchange” is July 2009. For more information on “Urban Exchange,” visit PolyPro can be found on the web at

Ken Wells

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