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Foam Spray Application
Virtually Indestructible Spray Foam SAFE DOME Provides Hurricane Protection
Unique Design Creates Self Sustaining Energy Use
By SprayFoam Staff

February 17, 2009 - Davie, FL - Due to the devastating effects of recent hurricanes such as Katrina and Ike, natural disasters have become increasingly salient and have resulted in rising demand for superior storm shelters and stronger building structures in general. To fill this need, DRD Enterprises of Davie, FL has created the SAFE DOME, a virtually indestructible structure that provides unsurpassed protection from the elements. DRD Enterprises president, David Pressler, a retiree of the Miami Dade County Fire Department, has utilized his experiences from Hurricane Andrew and subsequent storms to create the eight-ton transportable concrete and steel dome, 10 feet in diameter, which is capable of withstanding 200+ mph winds.

A newly-designed permanent version of the SAFE DOME, 30 feet in diameter, is unique from existing structures in that it is able to function on its own created energy, thanks in large part to spray foam. Its ability to sustain itself entirely off the grid makes it a completely “green” building. Although the SAFE DOME was originally created as a transportable shelter, its unique combination of extreme durability and “green” design has created a demand for these larger variations to be built for an assortment of uses. For example, one was recently built in Inverness, FL to be used as a garage/studio with the capability to add other modules as needed.

When creating the SAFE DOME as a self-sustaining structure, the primary factor that needed to be addressed was its heating and cooling needs. A custom system of solar panels for each unit is complemented by a 3 inch application of 3 lb. closed cell foam to the exterior of the building. Based on research and testing, this should effectively provide for a year-round interior temperature of 78 degrees in an ideal setting. A stucco finish or other coating can then be applied over the spray foam to make the structure more aesthetically appealing. For plumbing, a gray water system is installed as well as a compost toilet. DRD is also investigating the use of a heat exchanger that will provide for hot water as well.

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