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Foam Spray Application
Custom Home Utilizes Spray Foam and Fi-Foil VR Plus Shield® Reflective Insulation
Combination Provides Superior Insulative Value Over Traditional Flash & Batt for New 7800 sq. ft. Custom Home.
By Spray Foam Staff

November 25, 2008 - Nashville, TN - When it comes to constructing high quality homes, Sonnum, LLC of Nashville, TN takes pride in utilizing the best materials and building practices available. That’s why they chose to use Flash & Foil™ a combination of closed cell spray foam and Fi-Foil’s VR Plus Shield® Reflective Insulation to insulate their most recent project.

The high-end custom home was being built as part of an upscale development and is expected to sell for approximately $1.3 to $1.4 million.

Dan Gokal of Sonnum emphasized that “we place a high priority on adding value in every way possible when constructing a new house. With rising energy costs becoming a serious issue for homeowners, we felt that the energy efficiency offered by spray foam was the best possible choice. By combining that with Fi-Foil’s product, I am confident that this home will provide superior value and energy cost savings for its future occupant.”

Fi-Foil’s website describes their company’s products: “For more than two decades, we've been committed to the principles of sustainable construction, including energy conservation, life-cycle performance, and minimal landfill impact. Our radiant barrier and reflective insulation products are Energy Star® compliant and meet or exceed various performance and code criteria established by national, regional and local governing bodies.”

Dale Insulation, also based in Nashville, oversaw the spray foam application and reflective insulation installation for this project. Mike Carson, Operations Manager for the company, pointed out that “we had to work around some space restrictions, so this combination offered an exceptional R-value rating for the space we were working with.”

Custom Home by Sonnum, LLC uses Reflective Insulation and Spray Foam

Corey Miller, also of Dale Insulation, described the details of the project: “We insulated all of the exterior walls, knee walls and the sloped cathedral ceilings with two inches of spray foam and then complemented the foam with Fi-Foil’s with VR Plus Shield®, the Flash & Foil™ Frame Wall Insulation System.”

Spray Foam Insulation applied in Nashville, TN

Dale Insulation of Nashville, TN applies Closed Cell Spray Foam

Tim Ashwood, VP of National Account for Fi-Foil explains, “VR Plus Shield® is a multi-layer reflective insulation. This unique insulation's multiple layers separate to create three reflective air spaces and adds an R-7 or more depending on the depth of the cavity. It’s available in both a standard non-perforated version that functions as a vapor retarder and Hi-Perm perforated version that allows vapor transmission. The Hi-Perm or perforated version is recommended for applications that do not require a vapor retarder.”

He also points out, “The Flash & Foil™ system is a superior alternative to traditional Flash and Batt approaches. By replacing fiberglass batt with our reflective insulation, you can achieve higher R-values for less cost while stopping heat transfer and using less space. It is also a green building material.”

When builders and contractors are looking for the highest quality materials and the latest in energy efficiency to utilize in new construction projects, the consensus is that spray foam is unsurpassed when it comes to insulation R-value per inch and air sealing, perhaps the greatest benefit of spray foam insulation. The Flash & Foil Hybrid Insulation system provides value, energy efficiency and performance, and is a powerful Green technology, something builders, architects and homebuyers are requiring in today’s building environment.


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Phone: (800) 448-3401

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