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Polar Products Offers Continuous Length Heated Hoses for Foam and Coating Machines
Reduction of Connecting Fittings Increases Reliability

November 2008 - Polar Products, LLC has built a reputation for offering high-quality, innovative spray foam products. One product that has taken the industry by storm and is quickly becoming a favorite for many installers are their continuous length hoses.

While most spray foam hoses are offered in 50’ lengths and connected when installed on the machine, Polar Products’ hoses can be custom made to any length as long as 410’.

Eric Bentson of Polar Products points out the benefits of this customization capability: “By removing the need for connecting joints which are the weak points on any hose, we have effectively created a much more reliable product. With no connections to leak or cause problems, the result is less maintenance and less downtime. Another benefit these hoses offer is that they are noticeably more flexible than traditional hoses. This allows for greater mobility during application and transportation.”

Chris Thomas, owner of Agile Spray Foam Services, agrees: “Polar Products’ continuous hoses in my opinion are the best hoses on the market. They are extremely reliable and durable with none of the shortcomings that other hoses have such as connection points every 50 feet or unreliable heating and temperature control. The continuous hoses heat up quickly, maintain temperatures well and are practically indestructible. I use Polar Products’ hoses exclusively and will never go to a different hose.”

The hoses are fully insulated, Teflon lined and come complete with TC wire and scuff guard. High or low pressure hoses are available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses. Attesting to the quality of these hoses, Polar Products even offers a money back guarantee on the product.

Polar Products also carries an extensive selection of spray foam products, including open, closed, roofing and polyurea.

For more information, contact 866-580-5205 or visit

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