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TPR2 Heatshedder®, Fireshell® AND Firesafe® Non-Flammable Coatings Now Approved by SCAQMD as "Super-Compliant"
Southern California Air Quality Management District approved primer/paint system as exceeding the newly developed VOC standards
October 27, 2008 - WATERBURY, CT – TPR2 Corporation (pronounced TPR Squared), announced today that multiple non flammable coating systems have been approved by SCAQMD (Southern California Air Quality Management District) as "Super Compliant" products. Both the intumescent Fireshell® interior/exterior coating and a non-intumescent, non flammable paint system were independently tested by SQAQMD and approved as exceeding the newly developed VOC standards. Of special note, The Heatshedder® primer/Firesafe® paint system is the only non-intumescent fire retardant coating to be approved, claims TPR2.

Heatshedder® primer/Firesafe® paint system: This revolutionary new system Class A (0 flame spread / 0 smoke) as tested to ASTM E-84, which is widely used in the building industry, both commercial and residential. The company states that the coating system is specifically designed for the ultimate in safety for homeowners, businesses, and/or commercial applications for schools, churches, synagogues, gathering places, children’s rooms or anywhere where the ultimate in safety is necessary. The company has developed the product as the ultimate in kid safe paints. The company will be marketing the product around the theme of “why buy just paint when you can have FiresafeTM paint.” Versions of the primer and paint can also be made fire extinguishing for environments where oil mist, oil filled transformers, hydraulic fluid, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heavy weight oils, greases or transmission fluid lines are present.

Intumescent Fireshell® interior/exterior coating: This first of its kind product gained notoriety in professional racing where it is now in widespread use in NASCAR® and mandated on all funny cars in the NHRA®. Late in 2007, building industry experts convinced the company to investigate building code applications, especially as a ignition barrier over foam insulation. By mid 2008, TPR2 Fireshell had passed ASTM E-84 as well as ignition barriers over spray foam and up 2 hour thermal barrier ratings on ½” gypsum wall assemblies. Further tests proved the product meets non combustibility ratings for wildfire codes over lumber. It is a weatherproof elastomeric coating which also meets vapor barrier requirements over open cell foam and does not promote any mold growth, which is perfect for use in cold storage facilities, Water treatment plants, food preparation plants. This product can also be made fire extinguishing for exterior environments such as drilling, dredging, oil rigs, and military or aerospace applications.

According to Rick Barone, VP of Marketing for TPR2, "TPR2 is ecstatic to have been approved by a environmental leader like SCAQMD. What makes these approvals even more special is that SCAQMD independently funded their own ASTM E-84 tests on the coating system before approving it; a significant investment on their part. The recognition further reinforces our commitment to green, hazard free, environmentally conscious products. Even with all of these accolades, our technology is very affordable for widespread use with the small end user as well as the multi-nationals.” The company openly embraces independent tests, being that it’s products are fire tested every weekend in professional motor sports, which is something no other fire retardant coating company can claim.

The primer/topcoat system will be distributed for as little as $.53/ft2 and provides significant fire resistance. Products can be brushed, sprayed, or rolled on to a host of substrates to provide a non flammable and more importantly zero smoke interior paint, with VOC ratings well below the most stringent nationwide standards. The company is looking for distributors for these products.

Incorporated in 2004, TPR2 was created with a purpose of creating new fire technology and safety products in industry worldwide. TPR2’s technology includes: insulation, anti-explosion, fire abatement, non-flammable and fire extinguishing products.

More information as well as test videos on these coatings can be found at You can send email to or call the company direct at 203-756-TPR2.

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