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Spray Foam and Polyurea Applicators Get New Heated Hoses and Material Supply Alternatives
POLYCRAFT GMBH announces many new “industry leading” heated hose designs and products for spray foam and polyurea coatings equipment.
By SprayFoam Staff

September 16, 2008 – Rodgau, Germany - POLYCRAFT GMBH is proud to announce their product lines of high quality heated hoses are now available in North America and the rest of the world. Polycraft offers a wide range of standard and auxiliary products for spray foam and polyurea coatings and linings applicators that can be used on virtually all exiting spray and pour equipment.

Polycraft GMBH was established in January 1989 and is registered in the German Trade Register as a long time company in good standing.

As a former distributer for GUSMER Europe, Polycraft has marketed and serviced Gusmer® Spray Foam and Coatings Equipment, PUR-Machines, and Spare Parts for decades. Polycraft also provided rental services for spray and pour equipment to OEM companies and field applicators for foam and elastomers coating applications. The company became a leading in-field technical service provider for Germany and Northern Europe regions. With decades of experience and service exposure in both the PUR OEM and field spraying markets, Polycraft GMBH developed many improvements to existing products.

In the year 2001, an expansion of the company led to the development, manufacture and sales of high quality heated hoses for plural component spray and pour equipment.
Polycraft now offers a full line high quality heated hoses and accessories for standard and high pressure units for spray foam and polyurea coatings. The company services all corners of the globe, including Europe, the US and Canada with these high quality products.

Heated Hose from Polycraft GMBH

Polycraft’s heated-hoses are compatible and simple to install any machine such as GRACO®, GUSMER®, GAMA®, and GLASCRAFT®.

While other companies may claim to represent the benchmark and first-mover technology developments in the spray foam and coatings equipment industry, Polycraft asserts they were the first company to extend the electricity connection around the hose fittings by using cable shoes or their unique bayonet coupling, as opposed to less durable Powerlock® connectors, or even more dated extension / connections through the hose fittings.

Polycraft's Temperature Sensing Wire Connections are durable and unique.

Now Polycraft is one of the first to offer a Teflon (PTFE) version hose for A and/or B-side spray hoses. This new Teflon (PTFE) heated spray foam and coatings hose minimizes, or avoids altogether, the very common problem of crystallization or blocking of material in the lines from moisture permeation and adverse chemical reaction of the materials.

Polycraft also claims to be the first in the industry to abandon the use of Armaflex / Neoprene hose insulation which is thin-skinned. Polycraft now uses DS-version insulation together with a scuff jacket. This is more flexible, light-weight, long term stable and resists permeability to a greater degree..

Polycraft Scuff Jacket and Heated Whip Hose

Polycraft also uses braided system of copper wires around the hose instead of a single flat copper band. This results a more flexible hose and a higher performance, more constant and permanent homogeneous hose heating capabilities..

Heated Material Supply Hose and Accesories from Polycraft GMBH.

Polycraft also offers a heated material supply hose for both 110V or 230V operation and available electric systems. By heating the material before it enters the machine (between the drum and the proportioner) - material viscosity can be significantly reduced. This aids in material “flowability” and “mixability,” for better performance and ratio control.

Material Supply Accesories from Polycraft GMBH

As options Polycraft also offers the following:
• hoses both sides separately heated
• other sizes and lengths
• single hoses
• scuff guards / protective hoses

Polycraft’s Managing Director and CEO, Klaus Bücking, claims that when it comes to your spray equipment’s critical systems like heated hoses, auxiliary equipment and spare parts - is nice to have a choice beyond the manufacturer’s captive pricing policies and diminished quality levels for planned failure and obsolescence. Polycraft GMBH delivers this alternative and is and ready to serve new distributors and direct customers in the US and Canada.

Klaus Bücking (Manager CEO)
Weiskircher Str. 96
63110 Rodgau

Phone: +49 6106 23341
Fax: +49 6106 23663
Mobile: +49 171 5169860

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