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Russell Weaver, Founder of Spray Foam Systems Will Be Remembered as an Inspirational, Vibrant and Motivational Leader
Jennifer Joubert, Russ's widow, continues Russ' legacy with great success despite the current economy & personal turbulence.

The loss of an inspirational, vibrant, and motivational leader in any business is often difficult if not impossible to overcome. Russell Weaver, Spray Foam Systems founder, had been involved in the spray foam industry for many years working for UCSC, Airtight Insulation, and as an Independant Applicator.

He noticed a deficiency in one segment of the industry and was almost single handedly responsible for designing and creating a heated Nitrogen "pushed" spray foam system that is affordable for start-ups, agriculturally oriented, and flash & bat companies.

His innovations capitalized off the use of pressurized closed cell products offered by DOW, Fomo Products, & Polyfoam. This was the founding reason behind Spray Foam Systems and continues to be a variable in their current success.

Russ was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer in September of 2007 at the age of 33 and lost his battle with this disease in May of this year. His legacy continues to grow at the control of Spray Foam Systems new female owner. Jennifer Joubert, Russ's widow, recognized the potential of this business and remained stoic during a time where most might choose otherwise.

Spray Foam Systems has continued to service the customers that were cultivated by its founder and has added nearly 60 new SPF customers across the country and into Canada since October of 2007 despite the current economy & personal turbulence.

In August of this year, as a result of the staff's efforts to continue Russ's legacy, Graco awarded Spray Foam Systems with the title of Advanced Distributor and the sales and successes have continued under the watchful eye of the industry's only female owner & dedicated staff.

Please visit and see what Spray Foam Systems can offer your business. The equipment remains the same but the service Ms. Joubert demands from her staff of 12-15 is beyond industry standard and her efforts during troubled times have proven extraordinary.

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