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Foam Spray Application
New York Spray Foam Utilizes Spray Foam to Heat Swimming Pools
Combined with Water Circulation Method, Reduces Heating Costs
By Staff

Long Island, NY (July 2008) – New York Spray Foam, a company based out of Long Island, NY, has been utilizing spray foam insulation for a unique new application. Marty Ciesinski, the company’s owner, came up with the idea to use spray foam as an environmentally-friendly and cost efficient way to heat in-ground swimming pools.

The spray foam application can be used by itself to retain heat in the pool or in conjunction with another device developed by Ciesinski. In the Hamptons, where NY Spray Foam does most of their work, stone patios are frequently installed to surround in-ground pools. He made the observation that these popular landscaping features often become extremely hot and uncomfortable for the homeowner to walk on. To solve this problem, Ciesinski came up with an innovative idea. He uses a series of tubes to circulate water from the pool through the concrete foundation of the patio, effectively heating the water while simultaneously cooling the patio surface. This device is complemented by the natural benefits of spray foam which allow the water to retain its warmth once it is returned to the pool.

Compared to a traditional motor, the combination of spray foam with this unique apparatus provides a superior alternative at a fraction of the cost, virtually eliminating the cost of heating the pool altogether.

“It doesn’t take a long time for us to install, so it’s not really a big moneymaker for us,” points out Ciesinski, “but it’s an out-of-the-park home run for the homeowner.”

By “thinking outside of the box,” Ciesinski developed this green option to heat a swimming pool, while resolving another issue at the same time. It is easy to see that with a little creative thinking, the valuable and practical uses for spray foam are countless.

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