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Foam Spray Application
Home's Fifty-Foot Dome Feature Insulated With Spray Polyurethane Foam
Foam It insulated the home's envelope and dome feature.
By Cameron Prior

TORONTO, ON – April 1, 2013 – Some new home features can be particularly challenging to insulate, especially when they are difficult to reach. Toronto-based spray foam contractor, Foam It Spray Foam Insulation, recently insulated a newly constructed 20,000 sq. ft. home. The project called for installing SPF insulation to the structure's building envelope, which included a dome that reached 50 feet in height at its apex.

Before application began, Foam It used plastic sheeting to cover the windows in an effort to protect them from overspray. Crewmembers were careful to remove any overspray from floors following application. They wore fresh air masks and employed six fans to provide adequate ventilation while spraying inside the house.

In order to reach the 50-ft. dome ceiling, which was the first section of the home to be sprayed, workers had to assemble six scaffolds. Each crewmember was tied off while working on the scaffolding for safety purposes. In Canada, in order to spray at certain heights, spray foam applicators must be certified in high-work safety procedures. Foam It participated in a ‘Fall Protection Awareness’ and ‘Working At Heights’ course, which certified them to spray the elevated ceiling.

Once the scaffolding was assembled and crewmembers were ready to spray, they applied 5 inches of Proline Plus 200 2 lb. closed-cell spray foam to the dome ceiling, completing the application in three passes. The same thickness of foam was applied to the rest of the building's arched ceilings.

After the ceiling application was complete, Foam It sprayed the building envelope, which included the first and second floor exterior walls, the basement walls, and the ducts. Crewmembers applied two 2-inch passes of foam to the first and second floor exterior walls, and 3.5 inches of foam to the basement walls, which completed the installation process.

During this job, six Foam It crewmembers employed a Graco Reactor E-30 and a Graco Reactor H-25, finishing the project over a period of three days during March of 2013. They used two spray foam rigs, both of which were heated. The total spray area was 50 thousand board feet.

According to Muhammed Alibashev, Foam It’s president, the home’s builder was very satisfied with the results of the insulation. “He was so happy,” added Alibashev, “he said he wanted to build another house just so we could foam it!”

About Foam It: Foam It is an owner-operated Toronto-based company specializing in spray foam and blown-in insulation. Their goal is to reduce the Nation's dependence on foreign energy and to improve indoor air quality. The company is an innovative insulation installer utilizing the latest techniques taught by professionals at QAP. Foam It uses Proline Plus, manufactured by Elastochem Specialty Chemicals. They also use high-powered fume extraction devices to ensure that dust, fumes, heat, and odors will not accumulate at the job site. Foam It also offers co-op and apprenticeship opportunities. For more information about Foam-It, please use the contact details and links provided below.

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