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Foam Spray Application
Fi-Foil’s® Flash & FOIL Hybrid Spray Foam Insulation Saves Energy and Investment
Advanced Reflective Insulation System Helps Software Company

AUBURNDALE, Fla – July 15, 2008 – Fi-Foil® Company, Inc., one of the nation’s largest manufacturers and distributors of energy-efficient reflective insulation and radiant barriers, proves its Flash & FOIL insulation is one of the more technically advanced insulation systems on the market with its recent installation in one of the country’s most humid climates – Atlanta, Georgia.

Catalyst Software Company was in the process of constructing a new 6,800 square foot company headquarters and needed the best performing insulation system that would reduce its energy costs. After thorough review of the building’s specifications, the insulation contractor-Wilson Insulation of Decatur, Georgia- recommended Flash & FOIL.

“When speaking with Wilson Insulation, we were able to demonstrate to Catalyst Software Company how Flash & FOIL was the ideal solution for its frame wall construction,” states Tim Ashwood, Fi-Foil’s Vice President of National Accounts. “Catalyst was able to reduce its energy cost while also having a superior insulation product that functions as a top green building product because of its increasing R-Values and its contribution to LEED and NAHB credits.”

Flash & Foil Hybrid Foam Insulation Technology

Originally the project was scheduled to use a flash and batt technique in a 2-inch by 6-inch wall cavity providing only a half-inch of closed cell spray foam insulation. By using Fi-Foil’s Flash and FOIL, the fiberglass batt was replaced with Fi-Foil VR Plus Shield™ Hi-Perm providing an additional 7.2 added R-Value and 1 inch of closed cell spray foam insulation.

Filling the entire cavity with spray foam insulation can sometimes be cost prohibitive. The spray foam is desirable to stop air infiltration and add thermal resistance. Flash & FOIL is a hybrid insulation solution without fibers that add a high R-value per inch to complete the cavity. It works with spray foam to address all the modes of heat transfer. While spray foam seals the cavity and stops air infiltration, Fi-Foil’s VR Plus Shield completes the cavity by filling all voids with multiple reflective air spaces. Additionally, the Flash & FOIL system has advantages over fiberglass batts, which lose R-value when compressed or when not installed to their tested thickness. Some applications also require a vapor retarder due to code requirements. One version of Flash & FOIL functions as a vapor retarder so no additional products are needed to complete the job which results in more savings and better performance.

“Our Flash & FOIL product has a number of advantages associated with it. The system is cost effective, provides great thermal performance, and is a green energy efficiency solution,” says Ashwood. “In this current market you can’t ask for much more.”

Fi-Foil® Company, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers and distributors of energy-efficient reflective insulation and radiant barriers for residential, commercial and agricultural building use. A privately held company headquartered in Auburndale, Florida, Fi-Foil produces a complete line of energy-efficient reflective insulation and radiant barrier products used across the country by many of the nation’s top home builders and insulation contractors.

For more information on Fi-Foil, its new Flash & FOIL solution, and the company’s complete line of reflective insulation and radiant barrierproducts, visit or call 1-800-448-3401.

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