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Foam Spray Application
Pinnacle Insulation Services Insulates 100-Year-Old New Hampshire Farm House With Spray Foam
The crawlspace had inadequate existing fiberglass insulation.
By Cameron Prior

WEARE, NH – November 1, 2012 – For the first time since its construction over 100 years ago, a farm house in rural Weare, New Hampshire has finally been properly insulated. The long-time owner of the property contacted Pinnacle Insulation Services (Pinnacle), a division of Pinnacle Rock, to insulate the home with spray foam in hopes of making it a more comfortable, energy-efficient living space.

The farm house, located in the foothills of the White Mountains, had some existing fiberglass insulation in the crawlspace that was inadequate and needed to be removed. The fiberglass no longer provided a sufficient thermal, moisture, or air-infiltration barrier between the volatile outside elements of New Hampshire and the home's living space.

When Pinnacle arrived at the project site, crewmembers removed what remained of the old, existing insulation and temporarily moved aside existing wiring in order to better access the spray area in the crawlspace. Before spraying could begin, crewmembers used plastic to cover the foundation walls and the earth and floor basement to protect them from overspray. The workers also used forced air and wore full-face masks during spray foam application.

Once the preparation was complete, Pinnacle applied 3 in. of Lapolla 2 lb. closed-cell spray foam, provided by AirTight Spray Foam Insulation, to the raw timber floor-joists of the basement crawlspace directly beneath the main living area.

One of the concerns Pinnacle faced during application was a narrowing crawlspace. The spray area narrowed over the course of about 20 feet, from a height of around two feet, down to a height of only about six inches, greatly limiting available workspace. According to Pinnacle's Project Manager, Peter McCarthy, this made the space almost inaccessible. "It was a tight situation," he said. "It was basically squeeze in and do your best." Two crewmembers spent one full day in October of 2012 completing the project, which had a spray area of approximately 500 sq. ft.

Insulating the farm house crawlspace proved to be a big success as the owner experienced a more comfortable living environment, as well as enjoying a decrease in energy costs. Reflecting upon the outcome of the project, McCarthy said, "The owner was thrilled."

About Pinnacle Insulation Services: Since 2005, Pinnacle Rock has offered cost saving, energy efficient services to customers with a focus on exceptional customer service. Pinnacle Rock Insulation Services is a fully trained and licensed partner in the AirTight Licensed Applicator Program. Building on extensive experience and knowledge of best practices, Pinnacle Rock Insulation has partnered with AirTight Insulation to extend its range of services. For over two decades, AirTight has been evolving into one of the premier foam insulation supply companies in the country. Pinnacle Rock Insulation chose AirTight as a partner to offer additional energy saving, cost-effective products to customers, creating a wider range of solutions. For more information about Pinnacle Insulations Services, please use the contact details and links provided below.

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