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Foam Spray Application
Premium Spray Products, Inc. Featured In Home Energy Makeover Video
The video focuses on upgrading a home to make it more energy-efficient.
By Cameron Prior

MARIETTA, GA – October 16, 2012 – Premium Spray Products, Inc. was featured in a video produced by Carroll Electric Membership Cooperative, Inc. (CEMC). The ‘edu-tainment’ video, called “Co-Op Crashers,” provides viewers with information about how to save money on their energy bills.

Both Premium Spray Products and Advanced Energy Insulation (AEI) were invited to participate in the video to highlight the energy-saving benefits of spray foam insulation.

The host of “Co-Op Crashers,” Jack Walker, begins the program by visiting a member’s home and conducting a walk-through to point out what changes need to take place in order to make the residence more energy efficient. One major problem they discover is that the existing insulation in the attic and crawlspace is insufficient and desperately requires and upgrade.

Premium and AEI had quite a job on their hands since the improperly insulated attic was losing heat in the winter, while heat would barrel into the house during the summer. A thermal imaging gun showed that when the outside air temperature was less than 75 degrees, the temperature on the roof deck reached over 120 degrees. Spray foam was applied to the roof decking to provide both robust insulation and a tightly sealed barrier preventing outside air from penetrating the attic. Spray foam was also used to seal the band joist in the basement in order to prevent additional air infiltration.

After all upgrades were completed, the overall energy leakage in the home was reduced from 76 to 36 percent, significantly lowering energy costs, coming as welcome news to the homeowner and perhaps others looking to reduce energy costs in their own homes.

About Premium Spray Products, Inc.: Based in Marietta, GA, Premium Spray Products manufactures spray foam systems for use in homes, office buildings, institutions, and agricultural structures. They are known for their Foamsulate brand of closed-cell and open-cell foam systems. Premium's Premiseal roofing system provides a long term, sustainable roofing solution utilizing spray polyurethane foam. When combined with Premium's Premicote line of primer and coatings, a roof system is watertight. It provides superior insulating power and contains reflective qualities important for an energy efficient roof system. Premium Spray Products utilizes renewable and environmentally friendly products where possible, and are dedicated to providing their spray foam contractor base with "green" products customers demand. For more information about Premium Spray Products, Inc., please see the contact details and links provided below.

About Advanced Energy Insulation: AEI is a professionally run organization with over 25 years combined experience with insulation, ventilation and roofing. AEI holds several certifications in this area of building science and is devoted to customers’ building or home improvement experiences. AEI services Central Alabama and Western Georgia, providing customers with open and closed-cell foam insulation that improves indoor air quality (IAQ), improves acoustics and lowers operating costs. For more information about AEI, contact Brad Krilla at (404) 218-3576, or visit their website via the link provided below.

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