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AM Construction Repairs Improperly Installed Spray Foam Roofing System in Beverly Hills
The homeowner was experiencing leaks from the roof, via skylights, every time it rained.
By Ryan Spencer

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–October 1, 2012–Although spray foam roofing systems are typically installed on commercial buildings, flat and low-sloped residential roofs can reap the same benefits. And while it's not often that spray foam roofing systems suffer from performance inadequacy, an improperly installed spray foam roof can be a headache for homeowners.

This was exactly the case when AM Construction was contacted by a Beverly Hills homeowner to repair a malfunctioning residential spray foam roofing system. The roofing system had been installed by another spray foam contracting firm a year prior, and when AM got the call, the homeowner was experiencing leaks from the roof, via skylights, every time it rained.

AM first inspected the roof and found that the skylights, all eight of them, were not installed with proper flashing. Furthermore, AM found numerous locations where the existing foam had bubbled up, mostly as a result of the presence of moisture on the substrate during the original roofing application. To address the problems, AM first had to raise all of the skylights roughly eight inches from their original positions. Then, all of the bubbled-up areas had to be removed with a combination of crowbars and hammers.

With the prep work completed, AM started the repair application, utilizing Henry PERMAX roofing foam (AM is a Henry authorized contractor). Spray foam was used to install flashing not only to the newly raised skylights, but the numerous other roof protrusions as well. The exposed areas where the bubbled foam had previously been were resprayed with foam–to a dry surface–and then recoated. The roof is currently functioning properly, much to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

About AM Construction Spray Foam Co.: Based in Santa Monica, California, AM Construction specializes in spray foam insulation and roofing systems. AM Construction's service area includes the Southern California region, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. For more information, please use the contact details and links provided below.

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