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Sharemy Sales & Service Offers Unique Spray Foam Insulation Cutoff Saws
Sharemy's spray foam cutoff saws are convenient and efficient.
By Cameron Prior

STRAWN, IL – September 19, 2012 – If you are in the market for a spray foam cutoff saw that is more comfortable, convenient, and efficient, Sharemy Sales & Service (Sharemy) says look no further.

Jeremy Leman is the Owner of Sharemy, a three-year-old company that offers spray foam insulation cutoff saws designed for trimming excess polyurethane closed-cell and open-cell foam insulation.

Sharemy's saws are versatile in that they allow the user to employ one unit for both open and closed-cell cutting jobs. The saws have interchangeable blades to accommodate any cutting situation, eliminating the need for extra equipment.

One of the company's newest product lines is their Heavy Duty Super Sheer, a modified Milwaukee electric saw, with a variable speed dial and a 360-degree rotating handle. The Super Sheer line enables both open and closed-cell foam cutting at a slower rpm, reducing vibration while maintaining good cutting speed.

Battery-operated saws are also available and can be purchased with or without a battery pack. These saws are adequate and very efficient for smaller foam cutting jobs.

According to Leman, the two most innovative qualities about his saws are that they are more convenient than pneumatic saws, and are also uniquely designed.

"Other saws need air compressors. They are pneumatic and require a lot of air," Leman said. "It's a lot easier to just run a cord and haul that rather than another big air compressor just for your saw."

Leman also stressed the unique t-handle design. "Our blade is off-set, so it meets the wall, it doesn't come out of the center of the saw, it comes out of the side and is easier to control," he said. "You get a better cut that way and a lot better grip on the saw. It is also a lot safer."

For more information about Spray Foam Innovations, please use the contact details and links provided below.

Sharemy Sales & Service Directory Page

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