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WS Enterprises Introduces Newest Line of GEN AER Power and Air Units
New Power Ranger series provides a total self-contained power and air source.
By Cameron Prior

NORTH FREEDOM, WI – September 21, 2012 – Spray foam rigs consist of several mechanical components that take up a great deal of space within a trailer or box truck. The GEN AER "Power Ranger" unit, by WS Enterprises, LLC (WS), goes a long way in doing away with that concept by combining the components into one unit, eliminating the hassle, labor, and cost of installing separate remote components.

WS has been in the spray foam industry for more than thirty years. The company started out as spray foam applicators then began designing and building spray foam rigs and generator and compressor systems. WS realized the need for a line of generator/compressor combo units geared to the specific needs of the spray foam industry. In 2005, WS started building power units under the GEN AER trademark. Their newest line of power units, the GEN AER "Power Ranger" series, was introduced this past January.

According to WS, it is the only machine built for the spray foam industry that is a totally self-contained electric power and dry air source. For what it does, it is a very compact unit with a small footprint.

The compact design includes a generator, air compressor, air dryer, and air and fuel tank all in one package. The unit houses a four-cylinder diesel engine for heavy-duty generators that provide constant, even power flow.

The twin built-in air tanks are designed to cool air and separate moisture as air travels through the tank tubes to the final dryer. That process not only takes most of the load off of the dryer, but also assures less maintenance and extends dryer life.

WS also offers standalone generators and other generator/compressor combinations, which can be used in spray rig applications to round out their portable power and air solutions.

About WS Enterprises, LLC: GEN AER power units are a proven power solution not only to the spray foam industry, but for oil exploration, water treatment, and other industrial and construction applications where portable quality electric and air power are needed. For more information about Spray Foam Innovations, please use the contact details and links provided below.

WS Enterprises, LLC - Generator/Compressor Units Directory Page

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