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Foam Spray Application
Spray Foam Innovations Rehabs Deteriorating Commercial Roof in Louisiana
The downtown riverfront is undergoing a rehabilitation initiative.
By Cameron Prior

MONROE, LA – September 11, 2012 – Downtown Monroe, Louisiana is undergoing a facelift and Spray Foam Innovations (SFI) was called upon to contribute to the riverfront city's restoration project by repairing a deteriorating roof.

Adjacent buildings housing a salon and a medical facility were in dire need of new roofing as the existing roofs consisted of old tar and deteriorating lumber.

Part of the roof was flat with a slight pitch, but the job was somewhat complicated by an arched fixture shaped, according to SFI's Owner and Operator Skye Hibbard, "like a Quonset hut." The dome-like fixture had also originally been covered with tile.

Portions of the existing roof that consisted of deteriorating lumber and tar had to be removed prior to SFI's spray foam application. New patches were also needed for the A/C units. SFI applied approximately two inches of QuadFoam 2.0 lb. spray foam, made by Quadrant Urethane Technologies, over the 5,000 sq. ft. spray area. The foam was then finished with an epoxy coating.

Overspray was not an issue for this project according to Hibbard.

"There was very little wind and there were no cars to worry about," he said. "There were parapet walls all the way around the roof."

The project, which was completed in July of 2012, took three crewmembers about three days to finish. Although this was one of SFI's smaller projects, Hibbard commented that it was a good experience in a unique application of spray foam for his company.

About Spray Foam Innovations: Spray Foam Innovations, whose business consists of residential, commercial, and agricultural projects, is owned and operated by Skye Hibbard of Calhoun, Louisiana. Spray Foam Innovations was formed in 2007 and Hibbard has 10 years of experience spraying polyurethane foam insulation. For more information about Spray Foam Innovations, please use the contact details and links provided below.

Spray Foam Innovations Directory Page

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