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Foam Spray Application
Site Spray Foam Rehabs Alberta Commercial Roof with Spray Foam and Polyurea Roofing System
The roof previously had a leak jeopardizing the electrical system in a mechanic shop.
By Cameron Prior

ST. PAUL, ALBERTA, CA–September 6, 2012–When a leaky roof was jeopardizing the electric system at a mechanic shop, Site Spray Foam was there to answer the call.

“When it rained, they had some major issues causing power failure,” said Jeff Knappe, Owner of Site Spray Foam. With temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to below zero in St. Paul, it was imperative that the rotted areas of the roof be fixed.

Prep work on the 9,000 sq. ft. roof involved the removal of the rotted areas and gravel. The roof itself had parapet walls and a very slight pitch. The application required two inches of 3 lb. closed-cell foam and a 60-mil coating of polyurea.

Due to heavy winds, Site Spray Foam experienced some overspray issues with 11 vehicles in the large parking lot at the site and had each vehicle cleaned. Then, the crew employed a fully contained 20x40 ft. rigid tent with steel screen construction to eliminate overspray. “It took two guys to move it,” said Knappe.

Two insulated spray rigs, one for polyurea and the other for spray foam, were employed to decrease the chances of cross-contamination during the spray application. It took four crewmembers six days (including prep) to complete the project.

Site Spray Foam started its roofing business during the summer months and has completed five roofing projects this year. Knappe anticipates booking more roofing projects for Summer 2013.

About Site Spray Foam: Site Spray Foam is proud to be a part of the Lakeland, Alberta area since 2004. They offer insulating solutions that help keep energy usage down, while staying environmentally conscious. The company’s service area includes Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. For more information about Site Spray Foam, please use the contact details and links provided below.

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