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SprayWorks Introduces New Line of Heavy-Duty Mobile Spray Foam Rigs
The rig is built for major spray foam and polyurea applications
By Ryan Spencer

HARTVILLE, OH–August 27, 2012–With its Master Series mobile spray foam rig, SprayWorks Equipment Group touted "the best spray foam rig in the industry." However, the company's newly introduced Master II Series has undoubtedly topped it.

"This thing was built for one purpose and one purpose only: production," said Dave Penta, SprayWorks' Vice President of Sales.

SprayWorks began with a 36 ft., 21,000 lb. tri-axle trailer. The entire unit is insulated with three inches of closed-cell foam, while the interior floor is coated with polyurea. When factoring in the four pairs of Barrel Blazer heaters and over 800 feet of heated hoses, the Master II is built to spray through any season, even the dead of winter.

Just as impressive are the Master II's dual PMC PH-40 plural-component proportioners.

"I haven't known of anyone to put two PH-40's in one rig, off-hand," said Penta. "That's a feat to have two of those machines in one rig."

The two spray foam machines combined are capable of outputting five gallons of material per minute. With that volume of output, it makes sense that the trailer houses four sets of material, although Penta said it can accommodate "up to six sets if somebody wanted to."

To compliment the machines, the rig also includes four of PMC's new AP-2 spray guns, and efficiency can be taken to a new level with the addition of up to two of SprayWorks' SprayBots. The rig also sports an 82kW John Deere generator and a 15HP screw compressor.

"This thing is built for the guy who wants to do shopping malls, high-rises, or geotextile applications with polyurea," said Penta. "Those are the kinds of applications you can do with this rig."

For more information about the Master II Series mobile spray rig and a complete list of features, please use the link provided below.

About SprayWorks Equipment Group, LLC: SprayWorks has been a spray foam industry leader for more than 50 years. In addition to PMC equipment distribution, SprayWorks manufactures custom spray rigs and offers spray foam and polyurea training. For more information, please use the contact details and links provided below.

SprayWorks Equipment Group, LLC Directory Page

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