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Foam Spray Application
Austin Spray Foam and Coatings Perseveres to Finish High Profile Military Job
High standards demand perfection from experienced sprayers.
By Kaitlyn Chasse

AUSTIN, TX – August 3, 2012 – Austin Spray Foam and Coatings is about 95 percent finished with a high profile, LEED Silver, military job. A job they say has been the most difficult one they’ve ever encountered.

The project is a 35,000 square foot building called the Family Life Center. It was built to be a recreational facility for soldiers and their families; complete with a gymnasium and full size stage.

Austin Spray Foam and Coatings sprayed 1.5 inches of Bayer closed-cell foam on the outside of the building, 2 inches of Bayer open-cell foam on the interior walls, and 3.5 inches of Bayer open-cell on the interior roof. In total they used 18 sets of Bayer foam. 18 sets of foam that covered a project full of unique challenges.

“Military is our niché,” said Mike Healey, president and owner of Austin Spray Foam and Coatings. “We’ve done hundreds of (military) jobs, but this is the most challenging one we have ever encountered.”

Healey said the challenges started from day one, “We weren’t given complete drawings of the inside of the building, plus there seems to be a lot of confusion about spray foam so I had to help the architects with specifications too.”

When spraying the outside of the building, Austin Spray Foam and Coatings strived to achieve perfection in less than perfect conditions. “The quality standards were very high for the entire project, and the foam needed to look perfect,” said Healey. “Spraying exactly 1.5 inches of foam in windy weather isn’t exactly easy.”

Interior work didn’t prove to be any simpler. “The structural design of the roof is unlike any I have ever seen,” said Healey. “Because of the non-traditional roof design, we had to spray the interior roof with a cannon from more than 20 feet away.

The issues didn’t stop there. As the team approached the large interior stage, things got a little more challenging.“We aren’t sure how we are going to get to the top of it (stage),” said Healey. “There is no 5,000 lb. point anchor because of the unique structural design.”

Challenges weren’t specifically tied to spraying either.

“Safety is a huge deal in this business, and new customized safety plans implemented this year, including fall protection and respiratory plans, are more rigorous than before,” said Healey.

Healey went on to explain that an in-depth activity hazard analysis (a.h.a) is required to be completed before the start of each job. Each a.h.a must cover possible problems that the team might encounter along with probable solutions.

“I’ve been doing activity hazard analysis’ for years, but recently it has grown more thorough,” said Healey. “I spent several hours forming the a.h.a for this specific job.

Healey says he expects the job to be completed by early August, as all they have left to do is spray the top of the stage.

“This was a very, very difficult job, but I am very happy with the results,” said Healey. “I am especially pleased with my sprayers who did the outside of the building. The foam looks so good that it almost looks like stucco. I’m very impressed.”

About Austin Spray Foam and Coatings: Our philosophy about building insulation is a bit different from many companies. Since your home has its own unique set of circumstances we don't approach it with a one-product-fits-all attitude. We definitely prefer some insulation materials above others because of their proven performance and air sealing qualities. But recognizing that budgets and needs vary we offer insulation in pretty much every form. From our different types of foam to fiberglass batts - we can insulate it.

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For more information about Austin Spray Foam and coatings, see information provided below.

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