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Foam Spray Application
Round Home in Northwest Missouri Gets Spray Foam Insulation from New Air Operated Machine
SPF Contractor Foams Home, Gets New Gama Equipment and Training from the "Best in the Business"
By Spray Foam Staff

April, 2008 - Northwestern Missouri - The project was a ROUND circular shaped home that was made in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s.  The home was dormant for many years due to its poor heating, cooling and insulation system.  The home’s new owners recognized spray polyurethane foam insulation as one of the best alternatives to provide insulation and structural strength for this oddly shaped dwelling.

The Northwest Missouri home is constructed from fiberglass panels and has no insulation at all.  As you can see by the pictures, this job represented a truly round and a very unique application for both the ceilings and walls.

Round Shaped Fiberglass Panel Home Gets Foam Insulation

The foam insulation contractor, Premier Foam, consulted with Award Specialty Services, from Dallas, Georgia on the project.  As a new contractor in the business spraying their first job, experienced training, technical support and application assistance was a key ingredient to their future success.

Premier Foam also chose to use Insulsoy spray foam manufactured by Paradigm Polymers because "green is the thing".  Award Specialty Services traveled to Premier Foam's Midwest location to provide full start-up, operational and application training on equipment use, safety, proper foam processing and spray techniques.

Everyone Takes Time Out for Some Hands On Instruction from Al Ward

Together, they elected utilize Insulsoy 1700, a water blown 1.7lb density closed cell spray foam.  Award Specialty Services determined that the 1700 would be the best choice of foam on this project due to the added structural stability and the increased R factor.

The contractor applied three and half inches (3 1/2") of foam to the exterior walls and five inches (5") on the ceiling.  They also used an additional three inches (3") of Insulsoy 500 (Insulsoy 500 is a 1/2lb water blown open cell foam). 

As a new contractor requiring equipment for this application and future jobs, Premier Foam gave careful consideration to their spray foam equipment selection.  With strong support and assurances on the reliability and the quality of Gama-USA equipment, Award Specialty Services convinced them to go with a GAMA G125A air driven spray machine with a complete mobile spray rig outfitted with air compressor, generator, material supply system and fresh air respirator system.

Brand New Gama-USA G125A Machine Gets Delivered in the Spray Rig

This determination results from over 25 years experience in the foam and coatings industry by Award Specialty Services.  This marks the very first GAMA G125A in the state of Missouri, and also marked the 56th set up and contractor training session and set-up by Award Specialty Services in the past 18 months.

What separates AWARD from other companies is the non chemical company affiliations, says the Al Ward.  “We don’t spend all of your valuable time selling you on some franchise marketing system.  Instead we focus the training on the equipment operation, application techniques and how to make a living spraying foam insulation.”  AWARD’s custom training solution encompasses a full one and half days (1.5 ) of full turnkey equipment, application and safety exposure.  They cover full operation and disassembly of the fluid sections of the equipment, the electronics, and the spray guns.  Once that critical area is covered, they show you how to properly spraying foam and critique your every move along the way.

AWARD Specialty Services informs us that Premier Foam has now successfully completed their third job.  Congratulations to both companies on jobs well done and the successful use and implementation of spray foam insulation.

For further information on how your SPF business can receive AWARD winning training and top quality spray foam equipment and application assistance, contact Award Specialty Services.

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